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Título Election polls, the news media, and democracyLibros / Impreso - Libros
Autor(es) Lavrakas, Paul J. (Autor)
Traugott, Michael W. (Autor)
Publicación New York, NY : Chatham House Publishers, c2000
Descripción Física xv, 352 páginas : ilustraciones ; 23 cm.
Idioma Inglés;
ISBN 1889119164
Clasificación(es) 320.973
Materia(s) ADMINISTRACION Y POLITICAS PUBLICAS (06231); Democracia; Políticas públicas; Encuestas de la opinión pública; Opinión pública; Estados Unidos; Pronóstico de elecciones; Política y prensa;
Nota(s) CONTENIDO: Why Election Polls Are Important to a Democracy: An American Perspective, Paul J. Lavrakas and Michael W. Traugott. -- Media Use of Polls in Covering Major Political News in the Mid-1990s. -- Continuing Evolution in the Use of Public Opinion Polls by the New York Times: The 1996 Presidential Election Experience, Michael R. Kagay. -- A Review of the 1996 Voter News Service Exit Polls from a Total Survey Error Perspective, Daniel M. Merkle and Murray Edelman. .-- Did Public Opinion Support the Contract with America?, Michael W. Traugott and Elizabeth C. Powers.-- Trends in Reporting on Election Polls. -- Hidden Value: Polls and Public Journalism, Philip Meyer and Deborah Potter. -- Mixing Literary Journalism and Precision Journalism in Coverage of the 1996 Presidential Election, Gerald M. Kosicki and Paul J. Lavrakas. -- Reporters' Use of Casual Explanation in Interpreting Election Polls, Sandra L. Bauman and Paul J. Lavrakas. -- Election Poll Acuracy. -- Public Attention to Polls in an Election Year, Michael W. Traugott and Mee-Eun Kang. -- Who Will Vote? Ascertaining Likelihood to Vote and Modeling a Probable Electorate in Preelection Polls, Robert P. Daves. -- Improving Election Forecasting: Allocation of Undecided Respondents, Identification of Likely Voters, and Response Order Effects, Penny S. Visser, Jon A. Krosnick, Jesse F. Marquette, and Michael F. Curtain. -- Controversial Issues in Election Polling. -- Deliberative Polling in the 1996 Elections, Vincent Price. -- Push Polls as Negative Persuasive Strategies, Michael W. Traugott and Mee-Eun Kang. -- Politics, Polls, and Poltergeists: A Critical View of the 1996 Election, Leo Bogart. -- Election Polling in the Twenty-first Century: Challenges and Opportunities, Paul J. Lavrakas and Michael W. Traugott.
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