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Título The imitative mind: development, evolution, and brain basesLibros / Impreso - Libros
Autor(es) Meltzoff, Andrew N. (Editor)
Prinz, Wolfgang (Editor)
Publicación Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, ©2002
Descripción Física ix, 353 p. : il.,
Idioma Inglés;
Series Cambridge Studies in Cognitive Perceptual Development
ISBN 0521806852
Clasificación(es) 156.3
Materia(s) PSICOLOGIA DEL DESARROLLO. INFANCIA Y NIÑEZ (02466); PSICOLOGIA DEL DESARROLLO. ADOLESCENCIA Y ADULTEZ (02470); Psicología; Psicología del desarrollo; Psicología evolutiva; Psicología infantil; Neuropsicología; Imitación; Imitación de niños; Psicología comparada; Conciencia; Psicología cognitiva; Esquema corporal;
Nota(s) CONTENIDO: An introduction to the imitative mind and brain / Wolfgang Prinz, Andrew N. Meltzoff.-- Elements of a developmental theory of imitation / Andrew N. Meltzoff.-- Imitation and imitation recognition: Functional use in preverbal infants and nonverbal children with autism / Jacqueline Nadel.-- Self-awareness, other-awareness, and secondary representation / Jens B. Asendorpf.-- Notes on individual differences and the assumed elusiveness of neonatal imitation / Mikael Heimann.-- Ego function of early imitation / Philippe Rochat.-- The imitator's representation of the imitated: Ape and child / Andrew Whiten.-- Seeing actions as hierarchically organized structures: Great ape manual skills / Richard W. Byrne.-- Experimental approaches to imitation / Wolfgang Prinz.-- Imitation: Common mechanisms in the observation and execution of finger and mouth movements / Harold Bekkering.-- Goal-directed imitation / Merideth Gattis, Harold Bekkering, Andreas Wohlschlager.-- Visuomotor couplings in object-oriented and imitative actions / Stefan Vogt.-- On bodies and events / Barbara Tversky, Julie Bauer Morrison, Jeff Zacks.-- What is the body schema? / Catherine L. Reed.-- From mirror neurons to imitation: Facts and speculations [et al.].-- Cell populations in the banks of the superior temporal sulcus of the macaque and imitation [et al.].-- Is there such a thing as functional equivalence between imagined, observed, and executed action? / Jean Decety.-- The role of imitation in body ownership and mental growth / Marcel Kinsbourne.-- Imitation, apraxia, and hemisphere dominance / Georg Goldenberg, Joachim Hermsdorfer .-
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