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Título Clinical biochemistry: metabolic and clinical aspects. - Segunda edición.Libros / Impreso - Libros
Autor(es) Marshall, William J. (Editor)
Bangert, Stephen K. (Editor)
Publicación Edinburgh ; New York, NY : Elsevier Churchill Livingstone, 2008
Descripción Física xi, 984 páginas : ilustraciones ; 28 cm.
Idioma Inglés;
ISBN 0443101868
Clasificación(es) 616.0756
Materia(s) Bioquímica clínica; Química clínica; Bioquímica; Metabolismo; Fisiología;
Nota(s) Incluye referencias bibliográficas e índice
CONTENIDO: The uses of biochemical data in clinical medicine / William J. Marshall -- The acquisition of biochemical data / William J. Marshall -- The interpretation of biochemical data / William J. Marshall -- Sodium, water and potassium / Michael D. Penney -- Hydrogen ion homoeostasis and tissue oxygenation and their disorders / William J. Marshall -- Calcium, phosphate and magnesium / Timothy Cundy, Andrew Grey, Ian R. Reid -- The kidneys, renal function and renal failure / Sui Phin Kon, William J. Marshall -- Proteinuria / Peter Gosling -- Renal tubular disorders and renal stone disease / Stephen K. Bangert, Marta Lapsley -- The clinical biochemistry of nutrition / Stephen K. Bangert -- Nutritional disorders and their management / Stephen K. Bangert, Carel W. Le Raux -- The clinical biochemistry of the gastrointestinal tract / Ingvar T. Bjarnason, Ian S. Menzies, Roy Sherwood -- The assessment of hepatic function and investigation of jaundice / Ian G. McFarlane, Adrian Bomford -- Acute and chronic liver disease / Adrian Bomford, Ian C. McFarlane -- Diabetes mellitus : pathophysiology and biochemical background / Simon W. Coppack, Victor J. Lawrence -- The clinical management of diabetes mellitus / Victor J. Lawrence, Simon W. Coppack -- Hypoglycaemia / Mourad H. Labib -- Hypothalamic, pituitary and adrenal disorders / Trevor A. Howlett -- Thyroid dysfunction / Geoffrey J. Beckell, Anthony D. Toft -- Hormonal aspects of non-endocrine disease / Stephen K. Bangert, William J. Marshall -- Disorders of sex development / Ieuan A. Hughes -- The clinical biochemistry of female reproductive function, pregnancy, contraception and hormone replacement therapy / Irfana Koita-Kazi, John Waterstone, John H. Parsons, Mike Savvas, William J. Marshall -- Reproductive function in the male / John Miell, Benjamin Sheldon, Charles Taylor.
continuación del CONTENIDO: Inherited metabolic disease / Fiona Carragher, Mike Champion -- Paediatric clinical biochemistry / Philip D. Mayne, Maggie Hancock -- Biochemical aspects of anaemia / Pamela A. Gover -- The porphyrias: inherited disorders of haem synthesis / Michael N. Badminton, George H. Elder -- The haemoglobinopathies / David C. Rees, Roopen Arya -- Immunology for clinical biochemists / Joanna Sheldon, Pamela G. Riches -- Metabolic bone disease / Timothy Cundy, Ian R. Reid, Andrew Grey -- The biochemistry of articular disorders / Jeremy G. Jones -- Muscle disease / Laurence A. Bindoff -- Investigation of cerebrospinal fluid / Robert Beetham, Geoffrey Keir -- Biochemical aspects of psychiatric disorders / William J. Marshall, Teifion Davies -- Biochemical aspects of neurological disease / J. Gareth Llewelyn, Mark Cossburn, Alistair Church, Huw R. Morris -- Biochemical aspects of mental retardation / Dene Robertson, Malgorzata Raczek, Kylie D. Reed -- Lipid metabolism, hyper- and hypolipidaemias / Christine B. Marenah -- The clinical biochemistry of the cardiovascular system / Gordon A. A. Ferns, William J. Marshall, Stephen K. Bangert -- Therapeutic drug monitoring / Michael J. Stewart -- Poisoning / John A. Henry -- Metabolic effects of tumours / Wassif S. Wassif, James E. East -- Tumour markers / E. Jean McAllister, Catharine M. Sturgeon -- Molecular clinical biochemistry / Roberta Goodall -- Free radicals / Joe Lunec, Rosamund Dove.
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