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Título Handbook of organizational justiceLibros / Impreso - Libros
Autor(es) Greenberg, Jerald (Editor)
Colquitt, Jason A. (Editor)
Publicación Mahwah, New Jersey : Psychology Press, ©2005
Descripción Física xxvi, 647 páginas ; 24 cm.
Idioma Inglés;
ISBN 0805842039
Clasificación(es) 658.314
Materia(s) Justicia organizacional;
Nota(s) Incluye referencias bibliográficas e índice
CONTENIDO: What Is Organizational Justice? A Historical Overview/ J.A. Colquitt, J. Greenberg, C.P. Zapata-Phelan -- Construct Validity Issues -- Are Procedural Justice and Distributive Justice Conceptually Distinct?/ M.L. Ambrose, A. Arnaud -- Are Procedural Justice and Interactional Justice Conceptually Distinct?/ R.J. Bies -- How Should Organizational Justice Be Measured?/ J.A. Colquitt, J.C. Shaw -- The Justice Judgment Process -- What Is the Role of Control in Organizational Justice?/ D.L. Shapiro, J.M. Brett -- Are the Goals of Organizational Justice Self-Interested?/ , J.Z. Gillespie, J. Greenberg -- What Is the Relationship Between Justice and Morality?/ R. Folger, R. Cropanzano, B. Goldman -- What Is the Role of Trust in Organizational Justice?/ R.J. Lewicki, C. Wiethoff, E.C. Tomlinson -- Justice Effects -- What Is Responsible for the Fair Process Effect?/ K. Van den Bos -- How Does Organizational Justice Affect Performance, Withdrawal, and Counterproductive Behavior?/ D.E. Conlon, C.J. Meyer, J.M. Nowakowski -- How Can Theories of Organizational Justice Explain the Effects of Fairness?/ S.L. Blader, T.R. Tyler -- How Does Organizational Justice Affect Organizational Citizenship Behavior?/ R.H. Moorman, Z.S. Byrne -- Justice Applications -- How Can Justice Be Used to Manage Stress in Organizations?/ R. Vermunt, H. Steensma -- How Can Justice Be Used to Improve Employee Selection Practices?/ S.W. Gilliland, J.M.S. Hale -- How Do Organizational Justice Concepts Relate to Discrimination and Prejudice?/ E.F. Stone-Romero, D.L. Stone -- How Can Explanations Be Used to Foster Organizational Justice?/ D.R. Bobocel, A. Zdaniuk -- How Can Training Be Used to Foster Organizational Justice?/ D.P. Skarlicki, G.P. Latham -- Generalizability Issues -- How, When, and Why Does Outcome Favorability Interact With Procedural Fairness?/ J. Brockner, B. Wiesenfeld -- How Generalizable Are Justice Effects Across Cultures?/ K. Leung - Integration
continuación del CONTENIDO: Organizational Justice: Where Do We Stand?/ J.A. Colquitt, J. Greenberg, B.A. Scott
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