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Título Age estimation of the human skeletonLibros / Impreso - Libros
Autor(es) Latham, Krista E. (Editor)
Finnegan, J. Michael (Editor)
Rhine, Stanley (Introductor/Prologista)
Publicación Springfield, Illinois : Charles C. Thomas publisher, ©2010
Descripción Física xxxi, 277 páginas : ilustraciones ; 26 cm.
Idioma Inglés;
ISBN 0398079501
Clasificación(es) 614.17
Materia(s) Esqueleto humano - Análisis; Esqueleto humano - Crecimiento; Cuerpo humano - Composición - Factores de edad; Antropología forense; Osteología forense; Antropología dental;
Nota(s) Incluye referencias bibliográficas e índice
CONTENIDO: Introduction by Krista E. Latham -- A History of Methodology in the Estimation of Age at Death from the Skeleton by Douglas H. Ubelaker -- Dental aging techniques. Dental Aging Techniques: A Review / Jeremy J. Beach, Christopher W. Schmidt & Rachel A. Sharkey -- The Estimation of Age at Death through the Examination of Root Transparency / Jennifer L. Harms-Paschal & Christopher W. Schmidt --
Age Estimation by Root Dentin Transparency of Single Rooted Teeth / Amber R. Campbell Hibbs & Michael Finnegan -- Age Estimation by Root Dentin Transparency of Double Rooted Mandibular Molars / Diana M. Wilbert & Michael Finnegan -- Age Estimation of Subadult Remains from the Dentition / Emilie L. Smith -- Osteological aging techniques. The Nature and Sources of Error in the Estimation of Age at Death from the Skeleton / Stephen P. Nawrocki -- Applications of the Human Sacrum in Age at Death Estimation / Nicholas V. Passalacqua -- Limitations of Cartilage Ossification as an Indicator of Age at Death / Heather M. Garvin -- Determination of Age at Death using the Acetabulum of the Os Coxa / Kyra E. Stull & Dustin M. James -- Estimation of Age from Fetal Remains / Angie K. Huxley -- Revisiting McKern and Stewart (1957): A Comparison of Pubic Symphysis Methods at the JPAC/CIL / Carrie A. Brown -- Recent Advances in the Estimation of Age at Death from the Assessment of Immature Bone / Douglas H. Ubelaker -- Histological and Multifactorial Aging Techniques. The Application of Cortical Bone Histomorphometry to Estimate Age at Death / Christian Crowder & Susan Pfeiffer -- Skeletal Aging Using Frontal Bone Histomorphometrics /
Janene M. Curtis & Stephen P. Nawrocki -- Histological Age Estimation in Subadults / Margaret Streeter -- Multifactorial Estimation of Age at Death from the Human Skeleton / Natalie M. Uhl & Stephen P. Nawrocki -- A Test of the Forensic Application of Transition Analysis with the Pubic Symphysis / Carolyn V. Hurst.
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