Detalles del Artículo
Detalles del Artículo

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Título Artículo How to motivate faster growth in Colombia: the leading sector strategy revisitedArtículo de Revista / Impreso - Artículo de Revista
Parte de Estudios Gerenciales
No. 85 (Octubre/Diciembre 2002)
Pagina(s) 67-77
Autor(es) Sandilands, Roger J. (Autor)
Idioma Inglés;
Clasificación(es) ECONOMIA
Materia(s) Colombia; Desarrollo económico; Cambios estructurales; Política inflacionaria; Teorías del desarrollo; Sector vivienda; Sector de exportaciones; Sectores líderes;
Resumen This paper reproduces two public lectures given at an Incolda conference in Bogota, October 1, 2002 on «La Realidad de la Economía Colombiana ». It reviews the great structural
changes in output and employment over recent decades and how macroeconomic policies can strengthen or weaken the natural forces underlying these changes. It distinguishes between potentially inflationary policies designed to increase demand in
a monetary sense, and those that focus on institutional changes that enhance competition and mobility. It explains how inflation distorts the allocation of resources, and why it especially harms long-term housing finance and exports. It explains the logic of Lauchlin Currie’s leading sector theory of growth and shows why
and how housing and exports can be given special protection to accelerate development.

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