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Título Bond market rules: 50 investing axioms to master bonds for income or tradingLibros / Impreso - Libros
Autor(es) Sheimo, Michael D. (Autor)
Publicación New York, NY : McGraw-Hill, 2000
Descripción Física xi, 257 p
Idioma Inglés;
ISBN 0071348603
Clasificación(es) 332.6323
Materia(s) Bonos; Mercado financiero; Análisis financiero; Análisis de inversiones;
Resumen When Interest Rates Rise, Bond Prices Fall.
The Coupon Is Not Always the Same as Yield.
Follow the Yield Curve.
Beware the Inverted Yield Curve.
There Are Four Ways to Get a Higher Yield on Bonds.
Utility Stocks--A Higher-Yield Alternative to Bonds.
Long Maturities Have Greater Market Risk.
Short Maturities Have Greater Reinvestment Risk.
Bond Funds Are Not the Same As Bonds.
Buy Bonds That Won't Outlive You.
Invest in Bonds If You Want Steady, Fixed Returns.
Invest in Bonds If Your Risk Profiler is Lower.
Invest in Bonds If You Do Not Want Capital Erosion.
Why T-Bills Can Be Risky.
Know the Bond Options.
Build a Ladder.
Bonds, the Buy-and-Hold Investment.
Bonds Lower Portfolio Risk.
Calls Always Benefit the Issuer.
The Simplest Strategy.
Bond Investing, Is Prudent Asset Allocation.
Pay Yourself First.
Be a Futures Hedger or a Speculator.
Buy Inflation Protection Bonds.
Buy Stocks with Bonds (Convertibles).
Beware the GNMA.
Put Compound Interest to Work with Zeroes.
Understanding the Indexes.
Do the Barbell.
Do Bond Market Analysis.
Check Out the DANs.
Don't Fight the Fed.
Watch the Stock Market.
Look for a Flight to Quality.
Buy "Junk" Bonds for Higher Yield.
Do "Swaps" for Money Now.
You Don't Have to Pay Taxes on Bonds.
Bonds Are Safe If Held to Maturity.
Know the Bond Rating.
Watch the Consumer Price Index.
Insured Municipal Bonds Are Safer.
Watch the Long Bond.
You Can't Trade Bonds Like Stocks.
Bonds Always Mature at Par.
If A Yield Looks Too Good to Be True, It Probably Is.
Beware of Personal Guarantees.
Know the Types of Bonds.
Consider a Managed Futures Account.
Buy Brady Bonds for High Yields.
Learn the language of bonds.

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