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Título Cases in strategic marketing. - Segunda edición.Libros / Impreso - Libros
Autor(es) Ginter, Peter M. (Autor)
Swayne, Linda E. (Autor)
Publicación Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey : Prentice Hall, 1993
Descripción Física xxvii, 819 p. :il
Idioma Inglés;
ISBN 0131192310
Clasificación(es) 658.8
Materia(s) Mercadeo; Toma de decisiones; Administración de mercadeo; Estudio de casos; Casos;
Resumen Contiene: 1. Gatorade defends its No. 1 position. 2. Kodak versus Fuji: A case of Japanese-American strategic interaction. 3. Golden flake snack food: Competing in an increasingly hostile environment. 4. Gillete and the men's wet-shaving market. 5. Chemical additives corporation. Specialty products group. 6. J. M. Smucker Company: With a name like Smucker's, it has to be good. 7. Pan am attemps survival in the 1990s. 8. The Chevrolet Corvette. 9. Wal-Mart stores: Strategies for market dominance. 10. JJ's Women's clothing store: On the move againg? 11. Kraft. 12. Humana: strategic directions for the 1990s. 13. The environtment for healh care Marketing: A health care industry note. 14. Ito-Yokado Company. 15. AT&T and the residential Long-Distance market (A). 16. AT&T and the residential Long-Distance market (B). 17. Apple Computer targets desktop engineering. 18. Shades of Black. 19. TenderCare disposable diapers. 20. Burroughs wellcome and AZT. 21. Verbatim challenges 3M for market leadership. 22. Anheuser-Busch dominates in the 1990s. 23. HEALTHSOUTH rehabilitation corporation. 24. Circuit city stores. 25. Harley-Davidson. 26. Carolco pictures. 27. Baldor electric company: Positioning for the twenty-first century. 28. The electric motor industry. 29. Rubbermaid. 30. Dakotah. 31. Pirates Cove inn. 32. Lance takes on New Challenges. 33. Sun Microsystems: Competing in a High-Tech industry. 34. American Greetings faces new challenges in the 1990s. 35. Supportive homeCare: positioning for the 1990s. 36. Grasse Fragrances S.A. 37. Lotus development corporation: Maintaining leadership in the electronic spreadsheet industry. 38. The Army and Air Force exchange service: A new Era. 39. Schwappes respberry Ginger Ale. 40. The Dallas morning news. Appendices. A. Analyzing strategic marketing cases. B. Financial analysis for marketing strategists. C. Presenting marketing cases orally.
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