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Título Essays moral, political and literaryLibros / Impreso - Libros
Autor(es) Hume, David, 1711-1776 (Autor)
Publicación Indianapolis, Indiana : Liberty Fund, 1987
Descripción Física 683 páginas
Idioma Inglés;
ISBN 0865970564
Clasificación(es) 192
Materia(s) Siglo XVIII; Etica social; Filosofía moral; Ensayos filosóficos; Ciencia política; Crítica literaria;
Nota(s) Edición revisada y editada por Eugene F. Miller
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Resumen Contenido: Part I Of the delicacy of taste and passion. Of the liberty of the press. That politics may be reduced to a science. Of the first principles of government. Of the origin of government. Of the independency of parliament. Whether the British Government inclines more to absolute Monarchy, or to a Republic. Of parties in general. Of the parties of Great Britain. Of superstition and enthusiasm. Of the dignity or meanness of human nature. Of civil liberty. Of eloquence. Of the rise and progress of the arts and sciences. The epicurean. The stoic. The sceptic. Of polygamy and divorces. Of simplicity and refinement in writing. Of national characters. Of tragedy. Of the standard of taste. Part II Of commerce. Of refinement in the Arts. Of money. Of interest. Of the balance of trade. Of the jealousy of trade. Of the balance of power. Of taxes. Of public credit. Of some remarkable customs. Of the populousness of ancient nations. Of the original contract. Of passive obedience. Of the coalition of parties. Of the protestant succession. Idea of a perfect commonwealth. Essays Withdrawn and unpublishied: Of essay-writing. Of moral prejudices. Of the middle station of life. Of impudence and modesty. Of love and marriage. Of the study of History. Of avarice. A character of Sir Robert Walpole. Of suicide. Of the immortality of the soul.
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