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Título Accounting [recurso electrónico]. - Sexta edición.Archivo de Computador / Disco comp. - Archivo de Comp.
Parte de Accounting. - Sexta edición.
Autor(es) Horngren, Charles T., 1926- (Autor)
Harrison, Walter T. (Autor)
Bamber, Linda Smith (Autor)
Publicación New Jersey : Pearson Education, 2005
Descripción Física 1 CD-ROM (4 3/4) plg.
Idioma Inglés;
ISBN 0131436201
Clasificación(es) 657
Materia(s) Administración financiera; Contabilidad; Sistemas de información; Inversiones extranjeras; Contabilidad financiera; Sistemas de información contable; Análisis de estados financieros; CONTABILIDAD FINANCIERA (04168);
Nota(s) CONTENIDO: 1. Accounting and the Business Environment
2. Recording Business Transactions
3. The Adjusting Process
4. Completing the Accounting Cycle
5. Merchandising Operations
6. Merchandise Inventory
7. Accounting Information Systems
8. Internal Control and Cash
9. Receivables
10. Plant Assets and Intangibles
11. Current Liabilities and Payroll
12. Partnerships
13. Corporations: Paid-in Capital and the Balance Sheet
14. Retained Earnings, Treasury Stock, and the Income Statement
15. Long Term Liabilities
16. Investments and International Operations
17. The Statement of Cash Flows
18. Financial Statement Analysis
19. Introduction to Management Accounting
20. Job Costing
21. Process Costing
22. Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis
23. The Master Budget and Responsibility Accounting
24. Flexible Budgets and Standard Costs
25. Activity-Based Costing and Other Cost Management Tools
26. Special Business Decisions and Capital Budgeting
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