Detalles del Artículo
Detalles del Artículo

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Título Artículo Looking for a road to get out for poverty. Is the current allocation of public spending on education in Colombia helping?Artículo de Revista / Impreso - Artículo de Revista
Parte de Estudios Gerenciales
No. 93 (Octubre/Diciembre 2004)
Pagina(s) 13 - 46
Autor(es) Zuluaga Díaz, Blanca Cecilia (Autor)
Schokkaert, Erik (Consultor)
Idioma Inglés;
Clasificación(es) EDUCACION
Materia(s) Pobreza; Educación; Gastos públicos;
Resumen This paper presents a methodology to explore the impact on poverty of the public spending on education. The methodology consists of two approaches: Benefit Incidence Analysis (BIA) and behavioral approach. BIA considers the cost and use of the educational service, and the distribution of the benefits among groups of income. Regarding the behavioral approach, we use a Probit model of schooling attendance, in order to determine
the influence of public spending on the probability for the
poor to attend the school. As a complement, a measurement of targeting errors in the allocation of public spending is included in the methodology.

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