Detalles del Artículo
Detalles del Artículo

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Título Artículo Updating Beliefs: Are economic agents inspired by rational action or according to ones hopes and fears?.Artículo de Revista / Impreso - Artículo de Revista
Parte de Estudios Gerenciales
No. 91 (Abril/Junio 2004)
Pagina(s) 65-87
Autor(es) González Gómez, Natalia (Autor)
Fukano, Sachiko (Autor)
Benítez Salcedo, Edgar Orlando (Autor)
Publicación JUN-2004
Idioma Inglés;
Clasificación(es) ADMINISTRACION
Materia(s) Beliefe formation; Rational behavior; Decision making;
Resumen The purpose of this investigation
was to simulate a real life scenario
and explore the way economic
agents update their beliefs. Do they
update according to what they
hope? Or do they update inspired by
rational behavior?
We mimicked the environment which
a recently high school graduate faces
when entering college to see how a
student updates his beliefs in regards
to his classroom position. We examined
how economic agents envisage
themselves through and through college
and see if they update their beliefs
about a hypothesis A in the light
of new evidence B, or if they update
their beliefs subject to what they
choose they hope. In this sense we
explored the possibility of setting aside
the neoclassical assumption that
agents are anything more than hyper
rational naïve optimizers acting on perfect (and in some cases, limited information)
in order to turn back to an
older tradition in economic theory, that
is agents are recognizably human.

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