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Título Anthropology for the nineties: introductory readingsLibros / Impreso - Libros
Autor(es) Cole, Johnnetta B. (Editor)
Publicación New York, NY : Free Press ; London : Collier Macmillan Publishers, c1988
Descripción Física xxvii, 561 páginas ; 24 cm.
Idioma Inglés;
ISBN 0029064414
Clasificación(es) 301.2
Materia(s) Antropología cultural; Etnología; Investigaciones; Antropología social; Antropología; Colecciones de escritos; Sociología; Sociología política;
Nota(s) CONTENIDO: The practice and ethics of fieldwork. -- The end of fieldwork / John Middleton. -- Towards a native anthropology / Delmos J. Jones. -- Epistemology and power: rethinking ethnography at greenham / Lynn Wilson. -- A goy in the Ghetto: Gentile-Jewish communication in fieldwork research / William E. Mitchell. -- Aspects of culture. -- Language and culture. -- Shakespeare in the Bush / Laura Bohannan. -- Black American english / Arthur K. Spears. -- American catalogues of Asian brides / Ara Wilson. -- Sexism and the construction of reality: an Afro-American example / Sally Price. -- Social systems. -- Marriage and divorce among the north Alaskan Eskimos / Ernest S. Burch, Jr. -- African and Afro-American family structure / Niara Sudarkasa. -- The role of voluntary associations in west African urbanization / Kenneth Little. -- Drinking to prosperity: hedonism and modernization in vilafranca / Edward C. Hansen. -- Economic systems, changing technology, and the impact of the west. -- The original affluent society / Marshall Sahlins. -- The impact of money on an African subsistence economy / Paul Bohannan. -- Indians and the metropolis / Joseph G. Jorgensen. -- When the Turtle Collapses, the world ends / Bernard Nietschmann. -- Notes on women, work, and society / Leith Mullings. -- The "Maquila" women / Patricia Fernandez-Kelly. -- Political systems. -- The bunyoro: an African Kingdom / John Beattie. -- The kpelle moot: a therapeutic model for the informal settlement of disputes / James L. Gibbs, Jr. -- An analysis of the Memphis Garbage strike of 1968 / Thomas W. Collins. -- The dream of diversity, the dilemma of difference: race and class contradictions in a feminist health clinic / Sandra Morgen. -- Ritual and belief systems. -- Ritual regulation of environmental relations among a New Guinea people / Roy A. Rappaport. -- Rational mastery by man of his surroundings / Bronislaw Malinowski.
continuación del CONTENIDO: Witchcraft practices and psychocultural therapy with urban U.S. families / Madeleine Leininger. -- Religion in an affluent society / Surajit Sinha. -- Tourism: the sacred journey / Nelson H. H. Graburn. -- Toward a new anthropology: on systems of inequality. -- Up the anthropologist - Perspectives gained from studying up / Laura Nader. -- Race, caste, and other invidious distinctions in social stratification / Gerald D. Berreman. -- Telltale language: race, class, and inequality in two Latin American towns / Angela Gilliam. -- Women in Cuba: the revolution within the revolution / Johnnetta B. Cole.
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Revised edition of Anthropology for the eighties
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