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Título Blackwell handbook of perceptionLibros / Impreso - Libros
Autor(es) Goldstein, E. Bruce (Editor)
Publicación Malden, Massachusetts ; Oxford : Blackwell Publishing, 2001
Descripción Física xii, 788 páginas : ilustraciones ; 26 cm.
Idioma Inglés;
Series Handbooks in Experimental Psychology Series
ISBN 0631206833
Clasificación(es) 152.1
Materia(s) Psicología; Psicofisiología; Biopsicología; Procesos psicológicos; Sensación; Percepción; Sentidos; Neuropsicología; SENSACION Y PERCEPCION (02462_1);
Nota(s) CONTENIDO: Cross-Talk Between Psychophysics and Physiology in the Study of Perception / E. Bruce Goldstein. -- Principles of Neural Processing / Michael W. Levine. -- Basic Visual Processes / Laura J. Frishman. -- Color Vision / James Gordon, Israel Abramov. -- Visual Space Perception / H. A. Sedgwick. -- Object Perception / Mary A. Peterson. -- The Neuropsychology of Visual Object and Space Perception / Glyn W. Humphreys, M. Jane Riddoch. -- Movement and Event Perception / Maggie Shiffrar. -- Visual Attention / Marvin M. Chun, Jeremy M. Wolfe. -- Separate Visual Systems for Action and Perception / Melvyn A. Goodale, G. Keith Humphrey. -- Pictorial Perception and Art / E. Bruce Goldstein. -- Basic Auditory Processes / Brian C. J. Moore. -- Loudness, Pitch and Timbre / Brian C. J. Moore. -- Auditory, Localization and Scene Perception / William A. Yost. -- Perception of Music / W. Jay Dowling. -- Speech Perception and Spoken Word Recognition: Research and Theory / Miranda Cleary, David B. Pisoni. -- Cutaneous Perception / Janet M. Weisenberger. -- Olfaction / Beverly J. Cowart, Nancy E. Rawson. -- Taste / Harry T. Lawless. -- Perceptual Development: Vision / Jane Gwiazda, Eileen E. Birch. -- Development of the Auditory, Gustatory, Olfactory, and Somatosensory Systems / Lynne A. Werner, Ilene L. Bernstein. -- Brain Mechanisms for Synthesizing Information From Different Sensory Modalities / Barry E. Stein, Mark T. Wallace, Terrence R. Stanford. -- Modularity in Perception, its Relation to Cognition and Knowledge / Ken Nakayama.
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Consulting editors, Glyn Humphreys, Margaret Shiffrar, William Yost.
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