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Título Analyzing interest groups: group influence on people and policiesLibros / Impreso - Libros
Autor(es) Ainsworth, Scott H. (Autor)
Publicación New York, NY : W.W. Norton & Company, c2002
Descripción Física xi, 260 páginas : ilustraciones ; 24 cm.
Idioma Inglés;
Series The New Institutionalism in American Politics
ISBN 0393977080
Clasificación(es) 322. 430973
Materia(s) ADMINISTRACION Y POLITICAS PUBLICAS (06231); Políticas públicas; Grupos de presión; Estados Unidos; Teoría de los grupos;
Nota(s) CONTENIDO: Groups and Individuals. -- Interest Groups and the Changing Nature of Political Science. - Institutionalism. -- Interest Groups and Pluralism. -- Critics of Pluralism. -- Formal Theory: An Operating Theory of Politics. -- Why Do Individuals Join Groups?. -- Introduction. -- David B. Truman and the Formation of Interest Groups. -- Mancur Olson and the Formation of Interest Groups. -- Evidence and Empirical Concerns. -- New Insights. - Interest Group Entrepreneurs. - What Are the Marks of Entrepreneurship?. -- Salisbury's Exchange Theory. -- Entrepreneurs and Coordination. -- Group Entrepreneurs as Government Agents. --Theory and Practice: Tools for Today's Entrepreneurs. - Representing Interests. - Identifying Majoritarian Interests. -- Principals and Agents. -- Groups and Democratic Governance. -- Decision Making in Groups. -- Social Choice Theory and Group Decision Making. -- Solutions to Unraveling. -- Examples of Group Governance. -- Groups and Government. -- The Lobbying Environment in Washington. - Interests and Government. -- A Brief History of Interest Representation in Washington. -- Changes in Congress: Leadership and Committees. -- Lobbying Enterprises and Reverse Lobbying. -- Who's Represented in Washington. -Lobbying. - The Day-to-Day Context of Lobbying. -- Legislator-Lobbyist Interactions. -- The Representation Problem. -- Characterizing the Legislator-Lobbyist Interaction. -- Statutory Regulations of Lobbyists. -- Informal Means of Regulating Lobbyists. -- Does the System Work?. -- Theory and Practice: Interpreting Rules and Guidelines for Lobbying. -- Organized Interests and the Executive and Judicial Branches. - Executive Branch Lobbying. -- Organized Interests and the Courts. -- Organized Interests in the Electorate: Grassroots Politics. -- Early Examples of Grassroots Campaigns. -- Grassroots Today. -- Groups and the Media. --Ballot Initiatives and Referenda.
continuación del CONTENIDO: -- The Representation Problem Revisited: Organizing Others' Grassroots. -- Elections, Groups, and Money. -- A Brief History of Money and Elections. -- Who Forms PACs?. -- Connected versus Non-connected PACs. -- Cash Flow: Who Gets PAC Money?. -- Effects of Group Money on Elections. -- Vote Buying in the House. -- Governmental Responsiveness and Contradictory Demands. -- Groups and the Distribution of Social Costs. -- Problems Associated with an Interest Group Society and Their. -- Possible Solutions. -- Are Groups Solely Responsible for the Problems within an Interest. -- Group Society?. -- What is to be Done?.
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