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Título India: economic development and social opportunityLibros / Impreso - Libros
Autor(es) Dréze, Jean (Autor)
Sen, Amartya Kumar (Autor)
Publicación Oxford : Oxford University Press, 1995
Descripción Física xiv, 292 páginas ; 22 cm.
Idioma Inglés;
ISBN 0198295286
Clasificación(es) 338.9154
Materia(s) Desarrollo económico y social; India; Desarrollo educativo; Cambio social;
Nota(s) CONTENIDO: Introduction. -- India since Independence. -- On Learning from Others. -- Social Opportunity and Public Policy. -- Economic Development and Social Opportunity. -- Development, Freedom and Opportunities. -- On Education and Health. -- The Government, the State and the Market. -- Interdependence between Markets and Governance. -- Market-excluding and Market-complementary Interventions. -- A Positive Focus. -- India in Comparative Perspective. -- India and the World. -- Lessons from Other Countries. -- East Asia and Growth-mediated Progress. -- Human Capital and More Basic Values. -- Internal Diversities. -- Studying Indian States. -- India and China. -- Perceptions of China. -- Conditions of Life and Death. -- Contrasts in Basic Education. -- Pre-reform Achievements. -- Post-reform Records. -- Pre-reform and Post-reform Performances. -- Authoritarianism, Famines and Vulnerability. -- Coercion, Population and Fertility. -- The Real Lessons for India from China. -- Public Action and Social Inequality. -- The Public and its Role. -- The Reach of Inequalities. -- Social Inequality and Economic Reform. -- Basic Equality, Social Security and Health Care. -- Local Governance and Social Reform. -- Basic Education as a Political Issue. -- Education and Social Change. -- The State of School Education. -- Biases and Confounded Strategies. -- The Role of Expenditure. -- Priorities and Challenges. -- Provision, Utilization and Compulsion. -- On Female Education. -- Education and Political Action. -- Gender Inequality and Women's Agency. -- Female Deprivation and Missing Women. -- On the Female-Male Ratio. -- Women's Agency and Child Survival. -- Fertility and Women's Emancipation. -- Widowhood and Gender Relations. -- Gender Equality and Social Progress. -- Well Beyond Liberalization. -- What is the Cage?. -- People as Ends and as Means. -- Radical Needs and Moderate Reforms. -- Governance and Public Action. -- Women's Agency and Social Change. Comparative Perspective.
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Reimpresión 2001
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