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Título The oxford handbook of memoryLibros / Impreso - Libros
Autor(es) Tulving, Endel (Editor)
Craik, Fergus I. (Editor)
Publicación New York, NY : Oxford University Press, ©2000
Descripción Física xiv, 700 p. : il., gráficas
Idioma Inglés;
ISBN 0195182006
Clasificación(es) 153.12
Materia(s) ATENCIÓN, MEMORIA Y APRENDIZAJE (02465); Psicología; Procesos psicológicos; Memoria; Cognición (Psicología); Tipos de memoria; Psicología del desarrollo; Atención; Teoría de la mente; Conciencia (Psicología); Neurociencia; Aprendizaje;
Nota(s) CONTENIDO: Study of Memory.-- A Brief History of Memory Research / Gordon H. Bower.-- Concepts of Memory / Endel Tulving.-- Methods of Memory Research / Robert S. Lockhart.-- Contingency Analyses of Memory / Michael J. Kahana.-- Memory in the Laboratory.-- Short-Term and Working Memory / Alan Baddeley.-- Encoding and Retrieval of Information / Scott C. Brown, Fergus I. M. Craik.-- Transfer and Expertise / Daniel R. Kimball, Kieth J. Holyoak.-- Serial Learning: Cognition and Behavior / Robert G. Crowder, Robert L. Greene.-- Remembering Actions and Words / Lars-Goran Nilsson.-- Distortions of Memory / Henry L. Roediger, Kathleen B. McDermott.-- Memory Judgment / Douglas L. Hintzman.-- Source Monitoring: Attributing Mental Experiences / Karen J. Mitchell, Marcia K. Johnson.-- Metamemory: Theory and Data / Janet Metcalfe.-- Recollection and Familiarity; Process-Dissociation / Colleen M. Kelley, Larry L. Jacoby.-- Remembering and Knowing / John M. Gardiner, Alan Richardson-Klavehn.-- Nonconscious Forms of Human Memory / Jeffrey P. Toth.-- Memory in Life.-- Memory in Infancy and Early Childhood / Carolyn Rovee-Collier, Harlene Hayne.-- Socialization of Memory / Katherine Nelson, Robyn Fivush.-- Memory and Theory of Mind / Josef Perner.-- Remembering Life Experiences / Ulric Neisser, Lisa K. Libby.-- Control Processes in Remembering / Asher Koriat.-- Long-Term Maintenance of Knowledge / Harry P. Bahrick.-- Remembering Spaces / Barbara Tversky.-- Memory for Emotional Events / Jonathan W. Schooler, Eric Eich.-- Memory Changes in Healthy Older Adults / David A. Balota, Patrick O. Dolan, Janet M. Duchek.-- Memory in the Aging Brain / Nicole D. Anderson, Fergus I. M. Craik.-- Selective Memory Disorders / Andrew R. Mayes.-- Memory in the Dementias / John R. Hodges.-- Organization of Memory.-- Neuroanatomy of Memory / Hans J. Markowitsch.-- The Medial Temporal Lobe and the Hippocampus / Stuart M. Zola, Larry R. Squire.-- Brain Imaging of Memory / Lars Nyberg.-
Event-Related Potential Studies of Memory / Michael D. Rugg, Kevin Allan.-- Psychopharmacological Perspectives on Memory / H. Valerie Curran.--The Adaptive Nature of Memory / John R. Anderson, Lael J. Schooler.-- Memory Models / Roger Ratcliff, Gail McKoon.-- Connectionist Models of Memory / James L. McClelland.-- Episodic Memory and Autonoetic Awareness / Mark A. Wheeler.-- Theories of Memory and Consciousness / Morris Moscovitch.-- Memory Systems of 1999 / Daniel L. Schacter, Anthony D. Wagner, Randy L. Buckner.-- Epilogue: The Story of Memory, and Memory of the Story / L. Weiskrantz.-- Subject Index
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