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Título Images of mindLibros / Impreso - Libros
Autor(es) Posner, Michael I. (Autor)
Raichle, Marcus E. (Autor)
Publicación New York, NY : Scientific American Library, ©1999
Descripción Física ix, 257 p. : il., fotos, gráficas, color
Idioma Inglés;
ISBN 0716760193
Clasificación(es) 153.4
Materia(s) PSICOLOGIA DEL DESARROLLO. INFANCIA Y NIÑEZ (02466); PSICOLOGIA DEL DESARROLLO. ADOLESCENCIA Y ADULTEZ (02470); Psicología; Psicometría; Neurociencia; Imágenes mentales; Procesos psicológicos; Lenguaje; Operaciones mentales; Atención; Cerebro; Mente (Psicología);
Nota(s) CONTENIDO: Preface.-- Past Images.-- Measuring Mind.-- Images of the Brain.-- Constructing Mental Images.-- Interpreting Words.-- Sequencing Mental Operations.-- Networks of Attention.-- Brain Develops Mind.-- Mental Disorders.-- Future Images.-- Further Readings.-- Sources of Illustrations.-- Index.-
RESUMEN:Scientists continue to try to pinpoint the physical mechanisms of the brain involved in perception, learning, memory, and other higher cognitive functions. Now they have at their command some remarkable investigative tools - including imaging technologies (primarily positron emission tomography, or PET) that are able to take pictures of the brain in action, rendering certain aspects of thought visible as they occur. By allowing scientists to see the physical changes brought on by mental activity, these technologies are helping to reveal the connections between different parts of the brain and specific functions of the mind." "Images of Mind is a lavish showcase for PET, other brain imaging techniques, and the emerging field of cognitive neuroscience. Written by leading authorities Michael Posner (a cognitive psychologist) and Marcus Raichle (a neuroscientist), the book documents the often ingenious ways in which scientists are putting PET imaging to use." "What happens to the brain physically when we read? Speak? Form mental images? Process information automatically? In Images of Mind, Posner and Raichle describe how cognitive neuroscientists investigate these functions and what they have learned. You will see how PET records change in the brain's blood flow during specific sensory stimulations and cognitive operations, and how those changes are measured objectively. You will also read about the latest applications of this field to studies of child development and mental disorders." "Images of Mind reveals how far cognitive neuroscience has come in understanding the construction of thoughts and images in the brain. A compelling subject, fascinating illustrations, and authors who are foremost experts in the field combine to make this a particularly engrossing volume."--BOOK JACKET.
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