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Título Occupational, industrial, and environmental toxicology. - Segunda edición.Libros / Impreso - Libros
Autor(es) Greenberg, Michael I. (Editor)
Hamilton, Richard J. (Editor)
Phillips, Scott D. (Editor)
McCluskey, Gayla Jacque (Editor)
Publicación Philadelphia, Pennsylvania : Mosby, c2003
Descripción Física xxiii, 829 páginas : ilustraciones ; 29 cm.
Idioma Inglés;
ISBN 0323013406
Clasificación(es) 615.902
Materia(s) Toxicología industrial; Toxicología del medio ambiente; Contaminación ambiental; Efectos de la contaminación; Enfermedades profesionales; Etiología;
Nota(s) Incluye referencia bibliográfica e índice
CONTENIDO: A Brief History of Occupational, Industrial, and Environmental Toxicology / Michael I. Greenberg, Scott D. Phillips. -- Artists and Artisans / Richard Shih, Michael R. Zaragoza, Angela R. Babin, Paul F. Kolecki. -- Athletes / Edwin K. Kuffner. -- Aviation Personnel / Richard J. Hamilton. -- Carpenters and Woodworkers / Lada Kokan. -- Commercial Fishing and Related Industries / Anthony Morocco. -- Concrete Workers and Masons / Frank LoVecchio. -- Divers / Raymond Iannacone, James Caruso. -- Doctors, Nurses, and Dentists / Jeanmarie Perrone. -- Domestic and Building Maintenance Workers / Christine M. Stork. -- Dry Cleaners / Paul M. Wax, Daniel E. Brooks. -- Electricians / Howard Lu, Richard D. Shih, Art Calise. -- Electroplaters / Polyxeni Koutkia, Richard Y. Wang. -- Exterminators / Sheldon L. Wagner. -- Farmers and Farm Personnel / Rick L. Langley, William J. Meggs. -- Firefighters / Richard D. Gerkin, Jefferey L. Burgess. -- Florists and Groundskeepers / Lewis Nelson. -- Food Preparation Personnel / Mary Ann Howland. -- Hairdressers and Cosmetologists / Suzanne Doyon. -- Jewelers / Susan M. Lizarralde, Barry Wake, Valerie Thompson, Richard S. Weisman. -- Longshoremen, Stevedores, and Dockworkers / Rafael De La Hoz, Jaime Szeinuk. -- Mechanics / Jeffrey M. Cox, Richard Y. Wang. -- Military Personnel / David Sonntag, Warren Jederberg, Grace LeMasters, Susan Reutman, Kenneth Still. -- Military Personnel Part II - Biologic Threats / James M. Madsen. -- Military Personnel Part III - Chemical Threats / Gennady E. Platoff, Steven I. Baskin, James M. Madsen. -- Morticians / Anthony Suruda. -- Painters and Furniture Refinishers / Peter E. Gordon, William K. Chiang. -- Child Laborers / Kevin C. Osterhoudt, Jeffrey C. Gershel. -- Plumbers and Pipefitters / Jacqueline Moline, Scott Levy. -- Police and Law Enforcement Personnel / Michael I. Greenberg. -- Printers / Oliver L. Hung. -- Roofers and Roadbuilders / Jeffrey R. Brubacher.
continuación del CONTENIDO: Sandblasters / Mark C. Muetterties, Liese O'Halloran Schwarz, Richard Y. Wang. -- Seafarers / Lawrence S. Betts, Brian C. Betts. -- Sanitation and Sewer Workers / Jeffrey R. Brubacher. -- Shoemakers / Robert S. Hoffman. -- Smelters and Metal Reclaimers / Francis J. De Roos. -- Welders and Joiners / Amy J. Behrman. -- Veterinarians, Zookeepers, and Other Animal Handlers / Robert H. Poppenga, Susan E. Farrell. -- Occupational Exposure Limits / Gayla J. McCluskey. -- Commercial Aircraft Manufacturing / J. Michael Muhm, Thomas P. O'Keeffe. -- Automobile Manufacturing Industry / Frank E. Mirer. -- Furniture Manufacturing / Stephen W. Munday. -- Beryllium-Related Industries / John Martyny, Lisa A. Maier, Lee S. Newman. -- Chemical Manufacturing / Michael Holland. -- Mining Industry / David G. Greenberg, Thomas A. Hethmon, Jefferey L. Burgess. -- Petroleum Industry / Wayne R. Snodgrass. -- Pharmaceutical Manufacturing / Michael I. Greenberg, David C. Lee. -- Pulp and Paper Industry / Roy Purssell. -- Railroad Industry / Michael I. Greenberg. -- Semiconductor Manufacturing / Peter H. Wald, Michael E. Williams. -- Ship- and Boatbuilding, Ship Repair, and Ship Breaking Industries / Robert G. Hendrickson. -- Textile Manufacturing Industry / Michael I. Greenberg. -- Plastics Industry / Scott D. Phillips. -- Risk Communication / Ronald E. Gots. -- The Indoor Environment / Franklin D. Aldrich. -- Outdoor Air Pollution / Stephen R. McDow, David J. Tollerud. -- Water Pollution / Hernan F. Gomez, Scott D. Phillips. -- Asbestos / John P. Holland, Dorsett D. Smith. -- Chemical Carcinogenesis / Scott D. Phillips, Michael I. Greenberg, Michael T. Parra. -- Noise Pollution / David Koh, Swee-Cheng Foo. -- Ionizing Radiation / Rudi H. Nussbaum, Wolfgang Kohnlein. -- Nonionizing Radiation / Scott D. Phillips. -- Occupationally-Related Snakebite / Surajit Suntorntham. -- Residential Radon / Mark J. Upfal, Christine Cole Johnson. -- Clandestine Drug Laboratories.
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