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Título Beginning game programming: a collectionLibros / Impreso - Libros
Autor(es) Hattan, John (Editor)
Sikora, Drew (Editor)
Publicación Boston, Massachusetts : Course Technology, c2009
Descripción Física xx, 514 páginas : ilustraciones
Idioma Inglés;
ISBN 159863805X
Clasificación(es) 794.8
Materia(s) Juegos con computador; Programación; Gráficos por computador; C++ (Lenguaje de programación); Redes y comunicaciones; Algoritmos;
Nota(s) Incluye índice
ISBN: 9781598638059
CONTENIDO: Introductory programming. -- What language do I use?. -- Good coding practices. -- Using PDL for code design and documentation. -- Debugging in visual studio. -- Graphics -- Extended graphical templates for sprite management. -- Isometric and hexagonal maps. -- Mouse maps for isometric height maps. -- Bezier curves and surfaces. -- Direct3D vs. openGL: which API to use when, where, and why. -- Scripting. -- An introduction to lua. -- Introduction to gamemonkey script. -- Networking. -- The Internet, TCP/IP, and socket programming. -- Programming with asynchronous sockets. -- Algorithms. -- Vectors and matrices: a primer. -- Collision detection and response. -- A* pathfinding for beginners. -- C++. -- Organizing code files in C and C++. -- An exceptional quest. -- The one: a singleton discussion. -- Miscellaneous topics. -- Introduction to pointers, structures, and linked lists. -- Sound formats and their uses in games. -- Using XML Technologies for enhancing log files. -- SQL in 60 seconds. -- Item management systems. -- A comparison of browser and widget platforms.
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