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Título Advanced game programming: a collectionLibros / Impreso - Libros
Autor(es) Hattan, John (Editor)
Sikora, Drew (Editor)
Publicación Boston, Massachusetts : Course Technology, c2009
Descripción Física xix, 444 páginas : ilustraciones
Idioma Inglés;
ISBN 1598638068
Clasificación(es) 794.8
Materia(s) Juegos con computador; Programación; Gráficos por computador; C++ (Lenguaje de programación);
Nota(s) Incluye índice
ISBN: 9781598638066
CONTENIDO: Algorithms. -- 2D car physics. -- 3D matrix math demystified. -- Multi-threaded and distributed computing with the actor model. -- Grid-based collision detection and raycasting. -- In-memory data compression and decompression. -- Finite state machines and regular expressions. -- Memoization: a technique to speed Up recursive computations. -- AI. -- Application of genetic programming to the snake game. -- Precalculated pathfinding. -- Graphics. -- Axonometric projections: a technical overview. -- Real-time realistic cloud rendering and lighting. -- A closer look at parallax occlusion mapping. -- Quadtrees. -- Efficient normal computations for terrain lighting in directX 10. -- Continuos collision detection for translating ellipsoid. -- Soft-edged shadows. -- Box filtering height-maps for smooth rolling hills. -- Exploring metaballs and isosurfaces in 2D. -- Dynamic 2D soft shadows. -- Networking. -- Multicasting for multiplayer games. -- C++. -- Debugging in visual studio. -- 20 issues of porting C++ code on the 64-bit platform. -- Writing endian-independent code in C++. -- Test driving expression template programming. -- Improving performance in C++ with compile-time polymorphism. -- Implementing a software cache.
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