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Título Spreadsheet exercises in conservation biology and landscape ecologyLibros / Impreso - Libros
Autor(es) Donovan, Therese Marie (Autor)
Welden, Charles Woodson (Autor)
Publicación Sunderland, Massachusetts : Sinauer Associates, c2002
Descripción Física xi, 464 páginas : ilustraciones ; 28 cm.
Idioma Inglés;
ISBN 0878931597
Clasificación(es) 577.0285
Materia(s) Conservación biológica; Ecología del paisaje; Procesamiento de datos; Hojas de cálculo electrónicas;
Nota(s) Incluye referencias bibliográficas
CONTENIDO: How to Approach These Exercises -- Spreadsheets and Statistics. Intro: Spreadsheet Hints and Tips -- Mathematical Functions and Graphs -- Spreadsheet Functions and Macros -- Statistical Distributions -- Central Limit Theorem -- Hypothesis Testing: Alpha, Beta, and Power -- Sampling Species Richness -- Conservation Biology. Geometric and Exponential Population Model -- Logistic Population Models -- Island Biogeography -- Life Tables, Survivorship Curves, and Population Growth -- Age-Structured Matrix Models -- Stage-Structured Matrix Models -- Reproductive Value: Matrix Approach -- Reproductive Value: Life Table Approach -- Sensitivity and Elasticity Analysis -- Metapopulation Dynamics -- Source-Sink Dynamics -- Population Estimation and Mark-Recapture Techniques -- Range Expansion -- Adaptation: Persistence in a Changing Environment -- Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium -- Gene Flow and Population Structure -- Measures of Genetic Diversity -- Inbreeding, Outbreeding, and Random Mating -- Genetic Drift -- Effective Population Size -- Demographic Stochasticity --
Population Viability Analysis -- Harvest Models -- Landscape Ecology. Landscape Ecology: Quantifying Landscape Patterns -- Edge Effects and Ecological Traps -- Triage: Prioritizing Species and Habitats -- Reserve Design -- VBA Landscape Programming -- Neutral Landscape Theory and Connectivity -- Random Walks.
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