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Título Handbook of hydrogels: properties, peparation & applicationsLibros / Impreso - Libros
Autor(es) Stein, David B., 1961- (Editor)
Publicación New York, NY : Nova Science Publishers, c2009
Descripción Física xx, 750 páginas : ilustraciones ; 26 cm.
Idioma Inglés;
ISBN 1607417022
Clasificación(es) 541.345
Materia(s) Coloides; Hidrogel; Manuales;
Nota(s) Incluye referencias bibliográficas e índice
CONTENIDO: Engineering Hydrogels for Tissue Regeneration -- Swelling Behavior of Poly (N-Vinylimidazole) Hydrogels. Roles of the Inherent Porosity, Cross-linking Density and Ionization -- Hydrogels with Cyclodextrins as Highly Versatile Drug Delivery Systems -- History and Continued Development of Drug Delivery Systems Based on Smart Negative Temperature Sensitive Hydrogels -- Smart Hydrogels in Drug Delivery-Developments and Trends -- Injectable Hydrogels for Biomedical Formulations -- Optical Sensing of Organic Compounds Using Responsive Hydrogels -- Gelation of MC and HPMC in Various Media -- Chemically Modified Gellan and Xanthan Based Hydrogels for Biomedical Applications -- Photoinitiator-free Photopolymerization Technique for Hydrogel Syntheses -- Cyclodextrin-based Polymers as Support for the Biofiltration of Air Polluted with Toluene -- Collagen-based Hydrogels and Applications in Regenerative Medicine -- Application of Hydrogels to Rewire the Injured Spinal Cord -- Influence of Temperature on Swelling and Mechanical Properties of Hydrogels of Poly (1-(3-sulfopropyl) -2-vinyl - pyridinum - betain -co-2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate) -- Poly (ethylene oxide)-poly (propylene oxide) Block Copolymer Micelles and Gels in Drug Delivery: State-of-the-Art and Future Perspectives -- Hydrogels as Precursors for Functional Materials Having a Well Defined Hierarchical Pore System of Micro-, Meso- and Macropores -- BioGels for Neural Tissue Engineering -- Design and Evaluation of Hydrogel Films Based on Polymeric Blends -- Microemulsion Polymerization Process: Theory, Development and Applications --
Application of Hydrogels in the Investigation into Molecular Diffusion Based on Rrefractive Index Measurements -- On the Interpretation of Calorimetric Thermal Transition of Water in Hydrogels -- Water Mobility in Hydrogels -- Hydrogels for Cell Printing -- The Influencing Factors on Hydrogel Swelling Behavior -- Development of High-Performance Stimuli-Responsive Systems.
continuación del CONTENIDO: Temperature-Sensitive Hydrogels with Molecule-Recognition Properties -- Liposomal Hydrogels and Soft Contact Lenses for the Delivery of Antibiotics in Ophthalmo -- Preparation and Properties of Polysaccharides-based Hydrogel -- Adult bone marrow stem cells and biocompatible polymers in SCI repair.
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