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Título Clinical teaching in ambulatory care settings: making the most of learning opportunities with outpatientsLibros / Impreso - Libros
Autor(es) Dent, John A. (Autor)
Publicación Dundee, Scotland UK : Association for Medical Education in Europe AMEE, c2006
Descripción Física 24 páginas : ilustraciones ; 30 cm.
Idioma Inglés;
Series AMEE Medical Education Guide (26)
ISBN 1903934265
Clasificación(es) 610.7
Materia(s) Medicina; Educación médica; Enseñanza y aprendizaje; Atención ambulatoria; Pacientes;
Nota(s) Incluye referencias bibliográficas
CONTENIDO: Summary -- Introduction -- What is ambulatory care? -- Teaching in ambulatory care settings -- The move towards ambulatory care settings -- The importance of teaching in ambulatory care settings -- The benefits of teaching in ambulatory care settings -- The resources for teaching in ambulatory care settings -- Venues -- Patients -- Staff -- Supplementary resources -- Students -- Institutional support -- Ambulatory care teaching settings -- Routine outpatient clinics -- Teaching clinics/standardized clinics -- Accidente and emergency department -- Clinical investigation units -- Radiology and imaging suites -- Professions allied to medicine -- Ambulatory care teaching centre -- Day surgery Unit -- Instructional strategies for maximizing learning opportunities -- Logbooks -- Task-based learning -- Study guides -- Learner-centred models -- Learning outcomes -- Conferences and independent study activities -- Micro-skills for students -- Structured model for teaching and leaning -- Models for organizing student/patient contact in routine outpatient clinics -- One student/one clinician -- Several students/several clinicians -- The role of an ambulatory care teaching centre -- Implementation -- Resources -- Opportunities -- Advantages -- Disadvantages -- Evaluation -- Tips on developing an ambulatory care teaching programme in a new venue -- Experiences with developing a teaching programme in a day surgery unit -- Introduction -- Implementation -- Opportunities -- Resource -- Advantages -- Disadvantages -- An example of a teaching programme in the day surgery unit -- Checklists for effective ambulatory care teaching -- Tips on getting started as a tutor in an ambulatory care setting -- What to do before you start -- What happens when you arrive -- What to do when the session is over -- Conclusión -- References.
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