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Título The oxford handbook of music psychologyLibros / Impreso - Libros
Autor(es) Hallam, Susan (Editor)
Cross, Ian (Editor)
Thaut, Michael H. (Editor)
Publicación Oxford ; New York, NY : Oxford University Press, c2009
Descripción Física xiii, 585 páginas , [2] páginas : ilustraciones ; 25 cm.
Idioma Inglés;
ISBN 0199298459
Clasificación(es) 781.11
Materia(s) Psicología de la música; Música; Aspectos psicológicos; Musicoterapia;
Nota(s) Incluye referencias bibliográficas e índice
CONTENIDO: The origins and functions of music -- The nature of music and its evolution -- Universals in music processing -- Music and meaning -- The social and personal functions of music in cross-cultural perspective -- Music perception -- The perception of pitch -- Tonal cognition -- The perception of musical timbre -- Musical time -- Components of melodic processing -- Memory for music -- Responses to music -- Bodily responses to music -- Emotional responses to music -- The relationship between musical structure and perceived expression -- aesthetics -- Musical preferences -- Music and the brain -- The neurobiological basis of musical expectations -- Disorders of musical cognition -- Music, musicians, and brain plasticity -- Music and the brain: three links to language -- Musical development -- Prenatal development and the phylogeny and ontogeny of music -- Music lessons from infants -- Music in the school years -- The impact of music instruction on other skills -- Learning musical skills -- Musical potential -- Practising -- Individuality in the learning of musical skills -- Motivation to learn -- The role of the family in supporting learning -- The role of the institution and teachers in supporting learning -- Musical performance -- Measurement and models of performance -- Planning and performance -- Sight -reading -- Performing from memory -- Movement and collaboration in musical performance -- Emotion in music performance -- Optimizing physical and psychological health in performing musicians -- Composition and improvisation -- Making a mark: the psychology of composition -- Musical improvisation -- Children as creative thinkers in music: focus on composition -- The role of music in everyday life -- Choosing to hear music: motivation, process and effect -- Music in performance arts: film, theatre, and dance -- Peak experiences in music -- Musical identities -- The effects of music in community and educational settings -- Music and consumer behaviour.
continuación del CONTENIDO: Music therapy -- Processes of music therapy: clinical and scientific rationales and models -- Clinical practice in music therapy -- Music therapy in medical and neurological rehabilitation settings -- Conceptual frameworks, research methods and future directions -- Beyond music psychology -- History and research -- Where now?.
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