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Título Wild mammals in captivity: principles and techniquesLibros / Impreso - Libros
Autor(es) Kleiman, Devra G. (Editor)
Allen, Mary E. (Editor)
Thompson, Katerina V. (Editor)
Lumpkin, Susan (Editor)
Publicación Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, ©1996
Descripción Física xvi, 639 páginas : ilustraciones ; 28 cm.
Idioma Inglés;
ISBN 0226440036
Clasificación(es) 636.0889
Materia(s) Mamíferos; Hábitos y conducta; Zoológicos; Animales salvajes cautivos;
Nota(s) Incluye referencias bibliográficas e índice
CONTENIDO: Foreword / Gerald Durrell, Lee Durrell -- Preface / Devra G. Kleiman -- Ethical and welfare issues associated with keeping wild mammals in captivity / Joy A. Mench, Michael D. Kreger -- Preventive medicine / Keith C. Hinshaw, Wilbur B. Amand, Carl L. Tinkelman -- Methods of capture, handling, and anesthesia / Mitchell Bush -- Neonatal care protocols / Bruce W. Read, Jane E. Meier -- Identification and marking techniques / Clifford G. Rice, Penny Kalk -- Introduction and socialization techniques for primates / Eve Watts, Angela Meder -- Introduction, socialization, and crate training techniques / Karl R. Kranz -- Animal learning and husbandry training / Jill D. Mellen, Sue Ellis -- Zoo security and dealing with escaped animals / Joseph P. Flanagan, Lou E. Tsipis -- Nutrition and dietary evaluation in zoos / Olav T. Oftedal, Mary E. Allen -- Essential nutrients in mammalian diets / Mary E. Allen, Olav T. Oftedal -- The feeding and nutrition of herbivores / Olav T. Oftedal, David J. Baer, Mary E. Allen -- The feeding and nutrition of carnivores / Mary E. Allen, Olav T. Oftedal, David J. Baer -- The feeding and nutrition of omnivores with emphasis on primates / Olav T. Oftedal, Mary E. Allen -- The biopark concept and the exhibition of mammals / Michael H. Robinson -- What's the message? education through exhibit design / Jon Charles Coe -- Horticultural philosophies in zoo exhibit design / Donald W. Jackson -- Integrating animal behavior and exhibit design / John Seidensticker, James G. Doherty -- The design and use of moats and barriers / David Hancocks -- Mixed-species exhibits with mammals / Warren D. Thomas, Edward J. Maruska -- Enclosure furnishings and structural environmental enrichment / Terry L. Maple, Lorraine A. Perkins -- Structural and keeper considerations in exhibit design / Mark A. Rosenthal, William A. Xanten -- Water quality management in aquatic mammal exhibits / Daryl J. Boness.
continuación del CONTENIDO: Species, subspecies, and races: the problem of units of management in conservation / George F. Barrowclough, Nathan R. Flesness -- Genetic research and its application in zoos / Oliver A. Ryder, Robert C. Fleischer -- Demographic and genetic management of captive populations / Jonathan D. Ballou, Thomas J. Foose -- Dispersal and captive mammal management / Sharon Pfeifer -- Issues of surplus animals / Steve Graham -- Reintroduction programs / Devra G. Kleiman -- The role of conservation and survival centers in wildlife conservation / Christen Wemmer, Scott Derrickson, Larry Collins -- Effects of captivity on the behavior of wild mammals / Kathy Carlstead -- Communication and social behavior / Fred W. Koontz, Rebecca S. Roush -- Mammalian social organization and mating systems / Joel Berger, Elizabeth F. Stevens -- Behavioral development and play / Katerina V. Thompson -- Aspects of the ecology and psychology of feeding and foraging / Donna Fernandes -- Mammalian reproductive behavior / Daniel Q. Estep, Donald A. Dewsbury -- Reproductive physiology / Cheryl S. Asa -- Determining and manipulating female reproductive Parameters / J. Keith Hodges -- Male reproduction: assessment, management, and control of fertility / David E. Wildt -- Contraception as a management tool for controlling surplus animals / Cheryl S. Asa, Ingrid Porton, Anne M. Baker, Edward D. Plotka -- Pregnancy and parturition in captive mammals / Michael Hutchins, Patrick Thomas, Cherlyl S. Asa.
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