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Detalles del Título

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Título Pharmaceutical dosage forms. - Tercera edición.Libros / Impreso - Libros
Contenidos Pharmaceutical dosage forms : tablets v.1: unit operations and mechanical properties. - Tercera edición.
Pharmaceutical dosage forms : tablets v.2: rational design and formulation. - Tercera edición.
Pharmaceutical dosage forms : tablets v.3: manufacture and process control. - Tercera edición.
Autor(es) Augsburger, Larry L. (Editor)
Hoag, Stephen W. (Editor)
Publicación New York, NY : Informa Healthcare, ©2008
Descripción Física 3 volúmenes : ilustraciones ; 26 cm.
Idioma Inglés;
Clasificación(es) 615.1901
Materia(s) Drogas; Medicamentos; Administración y dosificación; Composición de drogas; Diseño de drogas; Industria farmacéutica; Legislación; Tecnología farmacéutica; POSOLOGIA; Industria farmacéutica - Control de calidad;
Nota(s) Incluye referencias bibliográficas e índice
CONTENIDO: Principles of sampling for particulate solids/ Patricia L. Smith -- Particle size and shape/ Stephen W. Hoag and Han-Pin Lim -- Flow: general principles of bulk solids handling/ Thomas Baxter, Roger Barnum and James Prescott -- Blending and blend uniformity/ Thomas P. Garcia and James K. Prescott - Milling/ Ben Murugesu -- Drying / Cecil Propst and Thomas S. Chircot -- Spray drying: theory and pharmaceutical applications/ Herm E. Snyder and David Lechuga-Ballesteros -- Wet granulation/ Stuart Cantor, Larry L. Augsburger, Stephen W. Hoag and Armin H Gerhardt -- Dry granulation/ Garnet E. Peck, Josephine L. P. Soh and Kenneth R. Morris -- The preparation of pellets by extrusion/spheronization/ J. M. Newton -- Coating processes and equipment/ David M. Jones -- Aqueous polymeric film coating/ David A. Miller and James W. McGinity -- The application of thermal analysis to pharmaceutical dosage forms/ Duncan Q. M. Craig -- Preformulation Studies for tablet formulation development/ Raghu K. Cavatur, N. Murti Vemuri and Raj Suryanarayanan -- Stability Kinetics/ Robin Roman -- Compaction simulation/
Michael E. Bourland and Matthew E. Mullamey -- Compression and compaction/
Stephen W. Hoag, Vivek Dave and Vikas Moolchandani --Volumen II: Rational design and formulation with excipients -- Mass transfer (from solid oral dosage forms)/ J.A. Wesselingh and H.W. Frijlink -- Approaches for improving bioavailability of poorly soluble drugs/ Navnit H. Shah, Wantanee Phuapradit, Yu-E Zhang, Harpreet Sandhu and Lin Zhang -- Experimental design and multivariate optimization tools in formulation and process development/ Friderun Podczeck -- Knowledge-based systems and other ai applications for tableting/ Y. Peng and Larry L. Augsburger -- Direct compression and the role of filler-binders/ Brian A. C. Carlin -- Disintegrants in tableting/ R. Christian Moreton -- Lubricants, glidants and antiadherents/ N. Anthony Armstrong -- Surfactants and colors in tablets/ Paul W. S. Heng
continuación del CONTENIDO: Orally disintegrating tablets and related tablet formulations/ Huijeong Ashley Hahm and Larry L. Augsburger -- Formulation challenges: multiple vitamin and mineral dosage forms/ Joy A. Joseph -- Botanicals and their formulation into oral solid dosage forms/ Susan W. Kopelman, Ping Jin and Larry L. Augsburger -- Formulation of specialty tablets for slow oral dissolution/ Loyd V. Allen, Jr -- Formulation of specialty tablets for slow oral dissolution/ Raafat Fahmy, Doug Danielson and Marilyn Martinez -- Swellable and rigid matrices controlled release matrices with cellulose ethers/ Paolo Colombo, Patrizia Santi, J¿rgen Siepmann, Gaia Colombo, Fabio Sonvico, Alessandra Rossi and Orazio Luca Strusi -- Carragenenans in solid dosage form design/ Katharina M. Picker-Freyer -- Osmotic systems/ Nipun Davar, Brian Barclay and Suneel Gupta -- Tableting of multiparticulate modified release systems/ Juan J. Torrado and Larry L. Augsburger -- Volumen III: Modern manufacture and control -- Tooling for pharmaceutical processing/ Dale Natoli -- Tablet press instrumentation in the research and development environment/ Gary E. Bubb -- Pharmaceutical manufacturing: changes in paradigms/ Jean-Marie Geoffroy and Denise Rivkees -- A forward-looking approach to process scale-up for solid dose manufacturing/ Fernando J. Muzzio, Michael Levin, Kenneth R. Morris, Marianthi Ierapetritou, Patricia Portillo, Albert Alexander, Marcos Llusa, Josephine L. P. Soh and Ryan J. McCann -- Dissolution and drug release/ Vivian A. Gray -- Setting dissolution specifications/ Patrick J. Marroum -- Mechanical strength of tablets/ Göran Alderborn and Göran Frenning -- CGMPs for the 21st century and ich quality initiatives/ Donghao (Robert) Lu, Chi-wan Chen, and Moheb M. Nasr -- Intellectual property, patent and patenting process in pharmaceutical industry/ Keith K. H. Chan and Albert W. K. Chan -- Near-Infrared chemical imaging of pharmaceutical oral solid dosage forms.