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Título Environmental technologyLibros / Impreso - Libros
Contenidos Environmental technology (1996) v.1
Environmental technology (1996) v.2
Environmental technology (1996) v.3
Environmental technology (1996) v.4
Publicación Englewood Cliffs : Prentice Hall, 1996
Descripción Física 4v. :il
Idioma Inglés;
Series Prentice Hall Series in Information Management
Prentice Hall's Environmental Technology Series
Clasificación(es) 604.7
Materia(s) Protección ambiental; SUBSTANCIAS PELIGROSAS; Medidas de seguridad; Contaminación; Control de la contaminación; Toxicología;
Resumen Contiene: V.1. Introduction to environmental technology. Environmental regulations overview. The chemistry of fire and hazardous materials. Human effects of hazardous materials. Regulations goverrning the transportation of hazardous materials and hazardous wastes. Contingency planning and emergency response. Hazardous materials and waste management in the home. Pollution and solutions. air, water, and land. The biogeochemical cycle. Global environmental issues. Ionizing radiation and the environmental worker. V.2. Environmental regulations overview. History of environmental regulations. Citizen involvement in the environmental movement. The role of government in environmental regulation. Compliance and the regulatory mechanisms of the U.S. Government. The Federal Agencies. The acts and amendments. Special programs, plans, and consensus codes. Environmental crime and control in the 1990s. V.3. Health effects of hazardous materials. Principles of toxicology. Biological interaction. Metabolism of toxic substances. Genetic toxicology. Systemic toxicology1,2. Toxic agents. Environmental toxicology. Radiation health effects. Common chemical hazards. V.4. Sampling and analysis. Overview of sampling operations. Sampling equipment, devices, and containers. Sampling techniques and procedures for soil and water. Sampling plans. Documentation and data interpretation. Site safety and health plans. Environmental hygiene sampling - Gas, vapors, and aerosols. Environmental hygiene sampling - Air-Sampling strategies and instruments. Groundwater monitoring concepts. Laboratory methods of analysis. Nondestructive testing technology.