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Título Cambio de los comportamientos para controlar el peso [recurso electrónico]Trabajo de Grado / Disco comp. - Trabajo de Grado
Autor(es) Betancourt Alvarez, Jessica (Autor)
Peña Velez, Abel Mauricio (Autor)
Castellanos Ordóñez, Germán (Asesor Tesis/Trabajos de Grado)
Publicación Cali : Universidad Icesi, ©2010
Descripción Física 1 CD-ROM (4 3/4 plg.)
Idioma Inglés;
Clasificación(es) 306.461
Materia(s) Mercadeo; Peso corporal; Control; Comportamiento; Hábitos alimenticios; Imagen corporal; Sociología de la salud; Trabajos de grado;
Nota(s) Trabajo de Grado(Mercadeo Internacional y Publicidad). Universidad Icesi, 2010
Resumen RESUMEN: This study is an attempt to provide evidence that people when going through a change need to experience a series of steps each one with distinctive characteristics that determine the behavior of subjects. The following paper will show the model of the stages of change applied to patients in a nutritionist clinic in the city of Cali. This study will serve as a basis for future studies with the population of Nutri Salud.
When people are faced against the imminent need for a change in their lives, they can embark on a long change process in which individuals find that the greatest difficulty to achieve their goal is themselves.
The first months are the most difficult for those who finally decide to initiate change, it is that time when more people drop out and abandon the process, but nearing the end there¿s also a critical time when people have reached the target; in this case when people have reached the desired weight, they abandon the process, constituting a step backwards, as individuals often return to the habits that initially put them in a place where change was needed.
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097969Biblioteca Universidad Icesi3TG306.461/B562c/CD-ROMDisponibleTrabajo Grado