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Título Social identity at work: developing theory for organizational practiceLibros / Impreso - Libros
Autor(es) Haslam, S. Alexander (Editor)
Knippenberg, Daan van (Editor)
Platow, Michael J. (Editor)
Ellemers, Naomi (Editor)
Publicación New York, NY : Psychology Press, ©2003
Descripción Física xvi, 374 páginas : ilustraciones ; 24 cm.
Idioma Inglés;
ISBN 184169035X
Clasificación(es) 302.3
Materia(s) Comunicación; Comunicación en las organizaciones; Conducta organizacional; Sociología industrial; Administración industrial; Aspectos psicológicos; Equipos de trabajo; Identidad grupal; Identidad social; Psicología del trabajo; Teoria de la organización;
Nota(s) Incluye referencias bibliográficas e índice
CONTENIDO: Social Identity at Work: Developments, Debates, Directions / N. Ellemers, S. A. Haslam, M. J. Platow, D. van Knippenberg -- Motivation and Performance -- Social Identity and Group Performance: Identification as the Key to Group-Oriented Effort / D. van Knippenberg, N. Ellemers -- Group Goal Setting, Social Identity, and Self-Categorization: Engaging the Collective Self to Enhance Group Performance and Organizational Outcomes / J. Wegge, S. A. Haslam -- Realizing the Diversity Dividend: Exploring the Subtle Interplay between Identity, Ideology, and Reality / D. van Knippenberg, S. A. Haslam -- Communication and Decision Making -- A Social Identity Approach to Communication in Organizations / T. Postmes -- Social Processes in Electronic Teamwork: The Central Issue of Identity / M. Lea, R. Spears, P. Rogers -- Identity Metamorphosis and Groupthink Prevention: Examining Intel's Departure from the DRAM Industry / M. E. Turner, A. R. Pratkanis, T. Samuels -- Leadership and Authority -- Social Identity Analysis of Leader-Member Relations: Reconciling Self-Categorization and Leader-Member Exchange Theories of Leadership / M. A. Hogg, R. Martin -- Interpersonal Treatment, Social Identity, and Organizational Behavior / H. J. Smith, T. R. Tyler, Y. J. Huo -- On the Social Psychology of Power and Powerlessness: Social Power as a Symptom of Organizational Division / K. J. Reynolds, M. J. Platow -- Change and Change Management -- Identity, Culture, and Change in Organizations: A Social Identity Analysis and Three Illustrative Cases / N. Ellemers -- Organizational Identification Following a Merger: The Importance of Agreeing to Differ / E. van Leeuwen, D. van Knippenberg -- A Social Identity Perspective on Organizational Mergers: The Role of Group Status, Permeability, and Similarity / D. J. Terry -- Working with Identities: The ASPIRe Model of Organizational Planning, Negotiation, and Development / R. A. Eggins, K. J. Reynolds, S. A. Haslam
continuación del CONTENIDO: Perceiving and Responding to Inequity -- The Importance of Social Identity and Self-Categorization Processes for Creating and Responding to Fairness / M. J. Platow, M. Wenzel, M. Nolan -- Perceiving and Responding to Gender Discrimination in Organizations / M. T. Schmitt, N. Ellemers, N. R. Branscombe -- Why Consumers Rebel: Social Identity and the Etiology of Adverse Reactions to Service Failure / S. A. Haslam, N. R. Branscombe, B. Bachmann
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