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Título The complete guide to simulations and serious games: how the most valuable content will be created in the age beyond Gutenberg to GoogleLibros / Impreso - Libros
Autor(es) Aldrich, Clark (Autor)
Publicación San Francisco, California : Pfeiffer, ©2009
Descripción Física xxxiv, 533 páginas : ilustraciones ; 25 cm.
Idioma Inglés;
Series Pfeiffer essential resources for training and HR professionals
ISBN 0470462736
Clasificación(es) 371.397
Materia(s) Juegos de simulación en educación; Juegos con computador; Juegos electrónicos; Tecnología educativa; Educación - Métodos de simulación; Informática en educación; Simulación por computador; Enseñanza con ayuda de computadores;
Nota(s) Incluye referencias bibliográficas e índice
CONTENIDO: Foreword/ Jeff Sandefer -- Preface: The Elements of Interactivity -- Introduction: Capturing the Wisdom That Has Fallen through the Cracks of Gutenberg and Google -- Genres: Savior or Saboteur for Literacy 2.0? -- Simulation Elements - Actions and Results: Framing The Missing Essence Of Research And Analysis -- Simulation Elements of Systems: Connecting Actions and Results -- Units: How CEOs, Presidents, and Hostile Aliens View Life on Earth -- Artificial Intelligence Player-Agent: More Patient Than Real People -- State-Based Systems and Models: A Shortcut to Simulations -- Pure Mathematical System: The Real Stuff -- Work Process -- Big Skills: The Most Important Twenty-First-Century Skills -- Building Interactive Environments -- Linear Content -- Game Elements: A Spoonful of Sugar If You Can Avoid Hypoglycemic Shock -- Pedagogical Elements: Learn Faster and Better -- Tasks and Levels - Display - Community -- Basic Inputs -- Formal Learning Program -- Learning Goals -- Program Goals -- Target Audiences and Corresponding Learning and Program Goals -- When to Use Sims-Meeting Both Learning and Program Goals -- Educational Simulation Creation and Milestones -- An Overview of Key Steps -- Educational Simulation Creation and Milestones -- Calibrating Skill Cones and Designing the Different Layers of Feedback -- The Necessary Student Experience of Frustration and Resolution -- Evaluation Strategies and the Analysis of Learning -- Conclusion: Banishing Today's Classrooms, Curricula, Term Papers, Training Programs, Business Plans, and Linear Analysis to the Intellectual Slums and Backwaters to Which They So Richly Belong -- Appendix: Simulation Case Studies: Do Sims Work Better Than Traditional Instruction?
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