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Título Coming attractions?: hollywood, high tech, and the future of entertainmentLibros / Impreso - Libros
Autor(es) Meza, Philip E. (Autor)
Publicación Stanford, California : Stanford Business Books, 2007
Descripción Física x, 171 páginas ; 24 cm.
Idioma Inglés;
ISBN 0804756600
Clasificación(es) 302.23
Materia(s) Medios de comunicación de masas y tecnología - Estados Unidos - Historia; Medios de comunicación de masas - Aspectos económicos - Estados unidos - Historia;
Nota(s) Incluye referencias bibliográficas (p. [151]-160) e índice
CONTENIDO: Introduction. Complements in Competitors' Clothing ; The Nature of Information ; Overview of the Bumpy Road to Prosperity ; The Plan of This Book ; Why Today's Threats and Opportunities Are So Profound ; Conclusion -- Innovation. Surfing the Hertzian Wave: The Early History of Radio ; Marconi (and Only Marconi) Calling ; Voices in the Air ; Voices Carry: The Early History of the Recording Industry ; Lights, Camera, Oligopoly: History of the Film Industry ; There's Something On: History of the Television Industry ; E Unum Pluribus?: History of Filesharing ; Conclusion -- Ascension. Tuning In to Network Effects ; More Than Wireless Telegraphy: Radio Becomes an Industry ; Making Money with Radio ; Jockeying the Discs: Records Become Popular ; Your Best Entertainment: Movies Become Big Business ; Then There Were Three: The Television Industry ; It's Good To Share? The Emergence of Peer-to-Peer Services ; Conclusion -- Fear. The Sonny Bono Law: I Got You Babe for Another Twenty Years ; The Law Needn't Be an Ass: A Positive Role for Legislation ; For Home Use Only: The Battle Between Radio and Music ; Big Screen Versus Small: The Studio System Joins Together Against Television ; The Boston Strangler? Movie Studios and Television Fear the VCR ; Refusing to Face the Music: Disrupting the Record Companies ; Conclusion -- Prosperity. Gold Records: The Golden Age of Radio--for Recording Companies ; Television Saves the Studios ; Videos and VCRs: A Cash Machine for Studios ; Happier Bedfellows: Content-Technology Cooperation ; The Music Industry Post-Napster ; Conclusion -- Conclusion. Where The Money Will Be: The Power of Complements and the Risks of Collision -- Convergence or Collision? -- Honey, I Shrunk the Value Proposition -- Let's Get Horizon -- Linking to Prosperity: The 2 Percent Solution -- Rules for Success: Company-Level View -- Rules for Success: Industry-Level View.
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