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Título Conceptual issues in evolutionary biology. - Tercera edición.Libros / Impreso - Libros
Autor(es) Sober, Elliott (Editor)
Publicación Cambridge, Massachusetts : Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT, ©2006
Descripción Física xxviii, 612 páginas : ilustraciones ; 23 cm.
Idioma Inglés;
ISBN 0262693380
Clasificación(es) 576.8
Materia(s) Evolución (Biología); Biología - Filosofía; Evolución (Biología) - Filosofía; Adaptación (Biología) - Evolución;
Nota(s) Incluye referencias bibliográficas e índice
CONTENIDO: The propensity interpretation of fitness/ Susan K. Mills, John H. Beatty -- The two faces of fitness/ Elliott Sober -- Excerpts from Adaptation and natural selection/ George C. Williams -- Levels of selection : an alternative to individualism in biology and the human sciences/ David Sloan Wilson -- The spandrels of San Marco and the Panglossian paradigm : a critique of the adaptationist programme/ Stephen Jay Gould, Richard C. Lewontin -- Optimization theory in evolution/ John Maynard Smith -- Empathy, polyandry, and the myth of the coy female/ Sarah Blaffer Hrdy -- Pre-theoretical assumptions in evolutionary explanations of female sexuality/ Elisabeth Lloyd -- Toward mapping the evolved functional organization of mind and brain/ John Tooby, Leda Cosmides -- Evolutionary psychology : a critique/ David J. Buller -- The evolutionary contingency thesis/ John H. Beatty -- Two outbreaks of lawlessness in recent philosophy of biology/ Elliott Sober -- 1953 and all that : a tale of two sciences/ Philip Kitcher -- Why the antireductionist consensus won't survive the case of classical Mendelian genetics/ C. Kenneth Waters -- The multiple realizability argument against reductionism/ Elliott Sober -- Typological versus population thinking/ Ernst Mayr -- Evolution, population thinking, and essentialism/ Elliott Sober -- A matter of individuality/ David L. Hull -- Choosing among alternative "phylogenetic" species concepts/ David A. Baum, Michael J. Donoghue -- Cases in which parsimony and compatibility methods will be positively misleading/ Joseph Felsenstein -- The logical basis of phylogenetic analysis/ James Farris -- Why there are no human races/ Kwame Anthony Appiah -- A new perspective on the race debate/ Robin O. Andreasen -- Does culture evolve?/ Joseph Fracchia, Richard C. Lewontin -- Models of cultural evolution/ Elliott Sober -- Moral philosophy as applied science/ Michael Ruse, Edward O. Wilson -- Four ways of "biologicizing" ethics/ Philip Kitcher
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