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Detalles del Título

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Título How networks work. - Segunda edición.Libros / Impreso - Libros
Autor(es) Derfler, Jr., Frank J. (Autor)
Freed, Les (Autor)
Publicación Emeryville, CA : Ziff-Davis Press, 1996
Descripción Física ix, 197 p. :il
Idioma Inglés;
ISBN 1562763768
Clasificación(es) 004.65
Materia(s) Redes; LAN (Red de área local); Arquitectura de redes;
Resumen Contiene: Communicating by wire. The telegraph. The telephone. Printing telegraphs. Mixing computers and telephones. The early networks. From keypunches to terminals to the carterfone. Alphabet soup: morse, baudot, ASCII, and EBCDIC. The bell 103 modem. Dialing for data. The RS-232C serial interface. The personal computer as a terminal. Smart modems. The fax modem. Computer telephony integration. Local area networks (LANs). A network model. Network operating systems. The network interface card. Network cabling. Server-based LANs. Peer-to-peer networks. Enterprise network systems. Remote LAN access. Network security. Links between LANs. Repeaters, bridges, routers, and switches. Metropolitan area networks (MANs). Circuit-switched digital services. Packet-switching networks. Workgroup applications. Online information services. Electronic-mail systems. Beyond electronic mail: groupware for productivity. The internet.
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