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Título Lipases and phospholipases: methods and protocolsLibros / Impreso - Libros
Autor(es) Sandoval, Georgina (Editor)
Publicación New York, NY : Springer, ©2012
Descripción Física xv, 547 páginas : ilustraciones ; 27 cm.
Idioma Inglés;
Series Springer protocols
Methods in molecular biology (861)
ISBN 1617795992
Clasificación(es) 572.757
Materia(s) Lipasa; Fosfolipasas;
Nota(s) Incluye referencias bibliográficas e índice
CONTENIDO: Overview of Lipases, Phospholipases and Related Enzymes. Lipases: An Overview -- Lipases or Esterases: Does It Really Matter? Toward a New Bio-Physico-Chemical Classification -- Study of New Feruloyl Esterases to Understand Lipase Evolution: The Case of Bacillus flexus -- Phospholipases: An Overview -- Screening and Sources of Lipases, Phospholipases and its Inhibitors. High-Throughput Screening Method for Lipases/Esterases -- Functional-Based Screening Methods for Lipases, Esterases, and Phospholipases in Metagenomic Libraries -- Plant Lipases: Partial Purification of Carica papaya Lipase -- Plant Phospholipases: An Overview -- Lipase and Phospholipase Inhibitors: Design and Applications -- High-Throughput Assay of Secreted Phospholipases A2 Inhibitors -- Cloning, production, Purification and Characterization of Lipases and Phospholipases. Heterologous Expression Systems for Lipases: A Review -- Streptomyces Phospholipase D Cloning and Production -- Cloning of PLD2 from Baculovirus for Studies in Inflammatory Responses -- Lipases Production by Solid-State Fermentation: The Case of Rhizopus homothallicus in Perlite -- Lipases and Esterases from Extremophiles: Overview and Case Example of the Production and Purification of an Esterase from Thermus thermophilus HB27 -- Purification, Biochemical and Kinetic Properties of Recombinant Staphylococcus aureus Lipase -- Phospholipase A2 Purification and Characterization: A Case Study -- Optimization of the Biocatalyst and Reaction Conditions. The Yeast Yarrowia lipolytica as a Generic Tool for Molecular Evolution of Enzymes -- Molecular Modeling of Lipase Binding to a Substrate-Water Interface -- Different Strategies for Hyperactivation of Lipase Biocatalysts -- Rational Design of Immobilized Lipases and Phospholipases -- Thermodynamical Methods for the Optimization of Lipase-Catalyzed Reactions -- Applications of Lipases and Phospholipases. Lipases as Biocatalysts for the Synthesis of Structured Lipids.
continuación del CONTENIDO: Lipase-Catalyzed Modification of Phenolic Antioxidants -- Lipases as Catalysts in Synthesis of Fine Chemicals -- Lipases in Green Chemistry: Acylation and Alcoholysis on Steroids and Nucleosides -- Lipases as Biocatalyst for Biodiesel Production -- Synthesis of Biodegradable Polymers Using Biocatalysis with Yarrowia lipolytica Lipase -- Phospholipases in Food Industry: A Review -- Lipase and Phospholipase Biosensors: A Review.
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