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Título 21st century sexualities: contemporary issues in health, education, and rights / edited by Gilbert Herdt and Cymene Howe.Libros / Impreso - Libros
Autor(es) Herdt, Gilbert H., 1949- (Editor)
Howe, Cymene (Editor)
Publicación Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon ; New York, NY : Routledge, 2007
Descripción Física xviii, 220 páginas ; 26 cm.
Idioma Inglés;
ISBN 9780415773072
Clasificación(es) 306.770973
Materia(s) Sexo - Aspectos sociales; Sexo - Aspectos sociales - Estados Unidos; Etica sexual - Estados Unidos; Costumbres sexuales - Estados Unidos; Educación sexual - Estados Unidos; Minorías sexuales - Estados Unidos; Salud sexual - Estados Unidos; Sexo - Recursos en internet;
Nota(s) Incluye referencias bibliográficas e índice.
CONTENIDO: Sexual literacy and learning sexuality. What is sexual literacy, and why is it needed now? / Gilbert Herdt -- Folklore and the sexual lives of adolescents / Mariamne H. Whatley -- Contesting the dangerous sexuality of Black male youth / Linwood J. Lewis -- Homophobia and harassment in school-age populations / Christine E. Pettett -- Citizenship lessons : sexuality education in the United States / Jessica Fields, Celeste Hirschman -- Transmen : behind assimilation, problems exist / Jamison Green -- The meanings of rape / Ann J. Cahill -- A play that looks at rape : a crime against women (and men?) / Leslie Simon --The "down low" : new jargon, sensationalism, or agent of change? / Gilberto R. Gerald -- Teaching and learning : Latina sociology of sex / Gloria Gonzalez-Lopez -- Christian right rhetoric : exploring anti-gay politics online / Janice M. Irvine -- www., TV, and sexual commodification. Surfing for healthy sexualities : sex and the Internet / Deborah Levine -- Sexual networks online / Gregory Rebchook, Alberto Curotto -- Halflings and ogres and elves, oh my! : sex, love, and relationships in EverQuest / Brandee Woleslagle -- Finding Nemo and transgender creatures / Judith Halberstam -- The L word : a little something for the femmetrosexual? / Kris Scott Marti -- Six feet under brings abortion to the surface / Tracy A. Weitz, Anthony Hunter -- The pornography of consumption/the consumption of pornography / Linda Williams -- InnovAsian in pornography? : Asian American masculinity and the "porno revolution" / Amy Sleyoshi -- The Yin and Yang of sex work : female and male prostitution compared / Ann M. Lucas -- Strip clubs and their regulars / Katherine Frank -- Sexual health, wellness, and medical models. Doctors, patients, and sexuality / Yolanda Wimberly, Sandra E. Moore -- Capitalizing on women's health : the myth of "female sexual dysfunction" / Leonore Tiefer.
Medical abortion and activism in medicine / Angel M. Foster, Jennie Sparandara, Linda Prine -- Bringing medical abortion to rural America : interview with an abortion provider / Carole Joffe -- Aging and HIV : the changing face of AIDS / David M. Latini, David W. Coon -- No place to call home : transgender persons, discrimination, and HIV / Rita M. Melendez -- High risk sexual behavior among young adults in the US Navy / Genevieve Ames, Andrew Bickford, Ann Russ -- Sexual networks of truckers, truckchasers, and disease risks / Yorghos Apostolopoulos, Sevil Sonmez, Jennie Kronenfeld, Donna Jo Smith -- Addiction and the sex offender : is mental illness an excuse for calculating crimes? / Stanton E. Samenow -- Sexual activism and rights. Not separate, still unequal : the Beijing agreement and the feminization of HIV/AIDS / Adrienne Germain, Jennifer Kidwell -- The rise of the abstinence-only-until-marriage movement / Martha Kempner -- Beyond immigrant brothels : the criminal justice system and trafficked persons / Juhu Thukral -- Marriage equality : the evolution of a traditional institution / Robert M. Kertzner -- Sexual prejudice : the erasure of bisexuals in academia and the media / Loraine Hutchins -- Seeking help in rural communities : homophobia and racism impact mental healthcare / Cathleen Willging, Lisa Cacari-Stone, Louise Lamphere, Rae Lewis, Bonnie Duran -- Disability and sexuality : from medical model to sexual rights / Russell P. Shuttleworth --
Pity dates and the paralyzed playa : the dating scene after spinal cord injury / Tre Trefethen -- Heterosexual and bisexual S/M : cultural formations / Kathy Sisson -- Ms etiquette and the transgender employee : is nothing private any more? / Jillian Todd Weiss -- At the Cesar Chavez Institute : bridging academic research and community empowerment / Joyce Nishioka -- My intersex journey : from awkward teenager to human rights activist / David Cameron.
The globalization of sexuality. Global perspectives on sexual rights / Sonia Correa, Cymene Howe -- Global impact : US sexual health and reproductive policy / Renee T. White, Cynthia Pope -- Abstinence goes global : the United States, the right wing, and human rights / Cynthia Rothschild -- Sex work in contemporary Vietnam : foreign plague or homegrown problem? / Christophe Robert -- The moral economy of sex in Russia / Jakob Rigi -- Nicaragua's changing erotiscapes : hot bed of cold war takes on sexual rights / Cymene Howe -- Sexuality in times of war / Gilbert Herdt -- Revealing the soldier : peacekeeping and prostitution / Paul Higate -- "R and R" on a "hardship tour" : GIs and Filipina entertainers in South Korea / Sealing Cheng.
Título Alternativo Forma Variante de Título: Twenty-first century sexualities.
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