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Título Spider ecophysiologyLibros / Impreso - Libros
Autor(es) Nentwig, Wolfgang, 1953- (Editor)
Publicación New York, NY : Springer, ©2013
Descripción Física x, 529 páginas : ilustraciones ; 24 cm.
Idioma Inglés;
ISBN 9783642339882
Clasificación(es) 595.44
Materia(s) Arañas - Fisiología; Arañas - Ecología; Aracnidos - Fisiología; Aracnidos - Ecología; Arañas - Anatomía e histologia; Ciencias de la vida; Bioquímica; Morfología (Zoología); Invertebrados; Bioquímica animal;
Nota(s) Incluye referencias bibliográficas e índice.
CONTENIDO: Respiration and Circulatory System. Evolution and Adaptation of Hemocyanin Within Spiders / Thorsten Burmester -- The Circulatory System of Spiders / Christian S. Wirkner, Katarina Huckstorf --
Tracheae in Spiders: Respiratory Organs for Special Functions / Anke Schmitz -- Locomotion and Dispersal. Hydraulic System of Locomotion / Christian Kropf -- Functional Aspects of Spider Scopulae / Senta Niederegger -- Cost-Benefit Balance of Dispersal and the Evolution of Conditional Dispersal Strategies in Spiders / Dries Bonte -- Immune System and Pathogens. The Immune System of Spiders / Lucia Kuhn-Nentwig, Wolfgang Nentwig -- Endosymbiont Infections in Spiders / Sara L. Goodacre, Oliver Y. Martin -- Fungal Pathogens of Spiders / Harry C. Evans -- Chemical Communication and Reproduction. Chemical Communication and Contact Cuticular Compounds in Spiders / Marie Trabalon -- Spider Olfaction: Attracting, Detecting, Luring and Avoiding / Gabriele Uhl -- Karyotypes, Sex Chromosomes, and Meiotic Division in Spiders / Tereza Kor?i'nkova', Jir?i' Kra'l -- Male Reproductive System of Spiders / Peter Michalik, Elisabeth Lipke -- Venom. Main Components of Spider Venoms / Wolfgang Nentwig, Lucia Kuhn-Nentwig --
The Neurotoxic Mode of Action of Venoms from the Spider Family Theraphosidae / Volker Herzig, Glenn F. King -- The Cytotoxic Mode of Action of the Venom of Cupiennius salei (Ctenidae) / Lucia Kuhn-Nentwig, Wolfgang Nentwig -- The Evolution of a Toxic Enzyme in Sicariid Spiders / Greta Binford -- Predation by Spitting Spiders: Elaborate Venom Gland, Intricate Delivery System / Robert B. Suter, Gail E. Stratton --
Spider Venoms Potentially Lethal to Humans / Wolfgang Nentwig, Lucia Kuhn-Nentwig -- Silk. Spider Silk: Molecular Structure and Function in Webs / Todd A. Blackledge -- Aggregate Silk Gland Secretions of Araneoid Spiders / Mark A. Townley, Edward K. Tillinghast -- Cribellar Thread / Brent D. Opell.
Colouration. Insect View of Orb Spider Body Colorations / I-Min Tso -- Structural Colors in Spiders / Rainer F. Foelix, Bruno Erb, David E. Hill -- UV and Camouflage in Crab Spiders (Thomisidae) / Marie E. Herberstein, Felipe M. Gawryszewski -- Rapid Colour Change in Spiders / Judith Wunderlin, Christian Kropf -- Nutrition. Nutritional Aspects of Spider Feeding / Søren Toft -- Herbivory in Spiders / Dirk Sanders -- Artificial Diets for Spiders / Divina M. Amalin -- Ecotoxicology. Effects of Heavy Metal Contamination / Pawel Migula, Graz?yna Wilczek, Agnieszka Babczyn'ska -- Side Effect of Synthetic Pesticides on Spiders / Stano Peka'r --
Side Effects of Bacillus thuringiensis Toxins on Spiders / Michael Meissle -- Effects of Neem on Spiders / John D. Stark -- Applications. Modelling and Application of the Hydraulic Spider Leg Mechanism / Lena Zentner -- Adhesion to Flat Surfaces: From Spiders to Stickers / Tobias Seidl, Renato Vidoni -- Technical and Biomedical Uses of Nature's Strongest Fiber: Spider Silk / Christina Allmeling, Christine Radtke, Peter M. Vogt --
Spider Venom Components as Drug Candidates / Vera Oldrati, Estelle Bianchi, Reto Sto¨cklin.
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