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Título Conservation biological controlLibros / Impreso - Libros
Autor(es) Barbosa, Pedro, 1944- (Editor)
Publicación San Diego, California : Academic Press, ©1998
Descripción Física xxii, 396 páginas : ilustraciones ; 24 cm.
Idioma Inglés;
ISBN 0120781476
Clasificación(es) 632.96
Materia(s) Plagas - Control biológico; Control biológico de plagas; Control de plagas; Conservación biológica; Plagas agrícolas; Agricultura ecológica;
Nota(s) Incluye referencias bibliográficas e índice.
CONTENIDO: Conservation Biological Control: Past, Present, and Future / L. E. Ehler -- Conservation Biology: Lessons for Conserving Natural Enemies / Deborah K. Letourneau -- Agroecosystems and Conservation Biological Control / P. Barbosa -- The Influence of Plants on Insect Parasitoids: Implications for Conservation Biological Control / Pedro Barbosa, Betty Benrey -- Influence of Plants on Invertebrate Predators: Implications to Conservation Biological Control / P. Barbosa, S. D. Wratten -- Ecological Considerations in the Conservation of Effective Parasitoid Communities in Agricultural Systems / D. A. Landis, F. D. Menalled -- Habitat Enhancement and Conservation of Natural Enemies of Insects / David N. Ferro, Jeremy N. McNeil -- Sown Weed Strips: Artificial Ecological Compensation Areas as an Important Tool in Conservation Biological Control / Wolfgang Nentwig, Thomas Frank, Christa Lethmayer -- Habitat Manipulation and Natural Enemy Efficiency: Implications for the Control of Pests / G. M. Gurr, H. F. van Emden, S. D. Wratten -- Naturally Occurring Biological Controls in Genetically Engineered Crops / Casey W. Hoy, Jennifer Feldman, Fred Gould [et al.] -- Pesticides and Conservation of Natural Enemies / John R. Ruberson, Hisashi Nemoto, Yoshimi Hirose -- Conservation Biological Control of Mobile Pests: Problems and Tactics / Yoshimi Hirose -- A Conservation Approach to using Entomopathogenic Nematodes in Turf and Landscapes / Edwin E. Lewis, James F. Campbell, Randy Gaugler -- Environmental Manipulation for Microbial Control of Insects / James R. Fuxa -- Deployment of the Predaceous Ants and their Conservation in Agroecosystems / Ivette Perfecto, Antonio Castiñeiras -- Conservation of Aphidophaga in Pecan Orchards / James D. Dutcher -- Conservation Biological Control of Spider Mites in Perennial Cropping Systems / J. Nyrop, G. English-Loeb, A. Roda -- Conserving Epiphytic Microorganisms on Fruits and Vegetables for Biological Control / Charles L. Wilson.
Biological Control of Soil-Borne Pathogens with Resident Versus Introduced Antagonists: Should Diverging Approaches become Strategic Convergence? / Philippe Lucas, Alain Sarniguet -- Conservation Strategies for the Biological Control of Weeds / Raymond M. Newman, David C. Thompson, David B. Richman.
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