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Título Biodiversity, ecosystem functioning, and human wellbeing: an ecological and economic perspectiveLibros / Impreso - Libros
Autor(es) Naeem, Shahid (Editor)
Bunker, Daniel E. (Editor)
Hector, Andy (Editor)
Loreau, Michel (Editor)
Perrings, Charles (Editor)
Publicación Oxford : Oxford University Press, ©2009
Descripción Física xiv, 368 páginas : ilustraciones , mapas ; 25 cm.
Idioma Inglés;
Series Oxford biology
ISBN 9780199547968
Clasificación(es) 333.95
Materia(s) Biodiversidad; Ecología humana; Biodiversidad - Aspectos económicos; Ecosistemas - Salud; Ecosistemas;
Nota(s) Incluye referencias bibliográficas e índice.
CONTENIDO: Preface / Shahid Naeem, Daniel E., Bunker, Andy Hector, Michel Loreau, Charles Perrings -- Introduction: the ecological and social implications of changing biodiversity. An overview of a decade of biodiversity and ecosystem functioning research / Shahid Naeem, Daniel E. Bunker, Andy Hector, Michel Loreau, Charles Perrings -- Consequences of species loss for ecosystem functioning: meta-analyses of data from biodiversity experiments / Bernhard Schmid, Patricia Balvanera, Bradley J. Cardinale, Jasmin Godbold, Andrea B. Pfisterer, David Raffaelli, Martin Solan, Diane S. Srivastava -- Biodiversity-ecosystem function research and biodiversity futures: early bird catches the worm or a day late and a dollar short? / Martin Solan, Jasmin A. Godbold, Amy Symstad, Dan F. B. Flynn, Daniel E. Bunker -- A functional guide to functional diversity measures / Owen L. Petchey, Eoin J. O'Gorman, Dan F. B. Flynn -- Forecasting decline in ecosystem services under realistic scenarios of extinction / J. Emmett Duffy, Diane S. Srivastava, Jennie McLaren, Mahesh Sanknran, Martin Solan, John Griffin, Mark Emmerson, Kate E. Jones -- Biodiversity and the stability of ecosystem functioning / John N. Griffin, Eoin J. O'Gonnan, Mark C. Emmerson, Stuart R. Jenkins, Alexandra-Maria Klein, Michel Loreau, Amy Symstad -- The analysis of biodiversity experiments: from pattern toward mechanism / Andy Hector, Thomas Bell, John Connolly, John Finn, Jeremy Fox, Laura Kirwan, Michel Loreau, Jennie McLaren, Bernhard Schmid, Alexandra Weigelt -- Towards a food web perspective on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning / Bradley Cardinale, Emmett Duffy, Diane Srivastava, Michel Lareau, Matt Thomas, Mark Emmerson -- Microbial biodiversity and ecosystem functioning under controlled conditions and in the wild / Thomas Bell, Mark O. Gessner, Robert I. Griffiths, Jennie McLaren, Peter J. Morin, Marcel van der Heijden, Wim van der Putten --
Biodiversity as spatial insurance: the effects of habitat fragmentation and dispersal on ecosystem functioning / Andrew Gonzalez, Nicolas Mouquet, Michel Loreau -- Incorporating biodiversity in climate change mitigation initiatives / Sandra Diaz, David A. Wardle, Andy Hector -- Restoring biodiversity and ecosystem function: will an integrated approach improve results? / Justin Wright, Amy Symstad, James M. Bullock, Katharina Engelhardt, Louise Jackson, Emily Bernhardt -- Managed ecosystems: biodiversity and ecosystem functions in landscapes modified by human use / Louise Jackson, Todd Rosenstock, Matthew Thomas, Justin Wright, Amy Symstad -- Understanding the role of species richness for crop pollination services / Alexandra-Maria Klein, Christine Muller, Patrick Hoehn, Claire Kremen -- Biodiversity and ecosystem function: perspectives on disease / Richard S. Ostfeld, Matthew Thomas, Felicia Keesing -- Opening communities to colonization - the impacts of invaders on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning / Katharina Engelhardt, Amy Symstad, Anne-Helene Prieur-Richard, Matthew Thomas, Daniel E. Bunker -- The economics of biodiversity and ecosystem services / Charles Perrings, Stefan Baumgartner, William A. Brock, Kanchan Chopra, Marc Conte, Christopher Costello, Anantha Duraiappah, Ann P. Kinzig, Unai Pascual, Stephen Polasky, John Tschirhart, Anastasios Xepapadeas -- The valuation of ecosystem services / Edward B. Barbier, Stefan Baumgartner, Kanchan Chopra, Christopher Costello, Anantha Duraiappuh, Rashid Hassan, Ann P. Kinzig, Markus Lehman, Unai Pascual, Stephen Polasky, Charles Perrings -- Modelling biodiversity and ecosystem services in coupled ecological-economic systems / William A. Brock, David Finnoff, Ann P. Kinzig, Unai Pascual, Charles Perrings, John Tschirhart, Anastasios Xepapadeas.
TraitNet: furthering biodiversity research through the curation, discovery, and sharing of species trait data / Shahid Naeem, Daniel E. Bunker -- Can we predict the effects of global change on biodiversity loss and ecosystem functioning? / Shahid Naeem, Daniel E. Bunker, Andy Hector, Michel Loreau, Charles Perrings.
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