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Título Hair care formulation for all hair typesLibros / Impreso - Libros
Autor(es) Romanowski, Perry, 1969- (Editor)
Publicación Carol Stream, IL : Allured, ©2011
Descripción Física 352 páginas : ilustraciones ; 23 cm.
Idioma Inglés;
ISBN 9781932633863
Clasificación(es) 646.724
Materia(s) Cabello; Cuidado e higiene; Preparaciones para el cabello; Peinado;
Nota(s) En la cubierta: "Cosmetics & toiletries".
Incluye referencias bibliográficas e índice.
CONTENIDO: Introduction -- Biology. Approaches to and Characterization of Hair Growth -- A New Hypothesis for the Cause and Treatment of Pseudofolliculitis barbae -- Hair Loss Mechanisms and Treatment Materials : A Review -- Transfollicular Delivery : The (W)hole Story -- Ethnic Hair and Scalp Disorders -- Ingredients. Effect of Branching on Surfactant Properties of Sulfosuccinates -- New Hybrid Polymer for Hair Spray Formulations -- Polyquaternium-74 : An Advanced Hair Conditioning Polymer -- Hair and Amino Acids -- Testing Polysilicone-19 for Hair Conditioning and UV Protection Claims -- Improving Hair Color Retention Using Quat Functional Olefin-graft Polymers -- Polyelectrolyte Complex for Mending Damaged Hair -- A Diester to Protect Hair from Color Fade and Sun Damage -- Diethanolamine Esterquats for Hair and Skin and Other Topics : Literature Findings -- A Micro-wax Dispersion to Condition Hair and Reduce Breakage -- Nutritional Supplements to Treat Skin and Hair Aging : A Review of Current Information -- Assessing the Targeting Conditioning Performance of Cationic Polymers -- Patent Picks�Ethnic Hair and Skin Research, Product Development -- Quaternium-91 : A New Multifunctional Hair Conditioning Ingredient -- Products. A Controllable Progressive Hair Dye Process -- Forever Young : Anti-aging Hair Care -- CLA Glutathione and Sodium DNA for Reducing Hair Loss -- Applicability of t-Flavanone to Treat Female Pattern Baldness -- A �Green� Microemulsion for Improved Conditioning Performance of Shampoos -- A New Focus for African Hair -- Innovations in Hair Styling Technology -- Hair Care Formulary -- Testing. Certifying Hair Product Claims -- Texture Analysis to Select Packaging and Formulate Hair Care Products.
Título Alternativo Cubierta Título: "Cosmetics & toiletries".
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