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Título The Cambridge handbook of the learning sciencesLibros / Impreso - Libros
Autor(es) Sawyer, Robert Keith (Editor)
Publicación Cambridge ; New York, NY : Cambridge University Press, 2006
Descripción Física xix, 627 páginas : ilustraciones ; 26 cm.
Idioma Inglés;
ISBN 9780521607773
Clasificación(es) 370.1523
Departamento de Pedagogía
Materia(s) Psicología del aprendizaje; Aprendizaje cognitivo; Aprendizaje - Aspectos sociales;
Nota(s) Incluye referencias bibliográficas e índice.
CONTENIDO: Introduction : The new science of learning / R. Keith Sawyer -- Foundations. Foundations and opportunities for an interdisciplinary science of learning / John Bransford, Brigid Barron, Roy Pea, Andrew
Meltzoff, Pat Kuhl, Phil Bell, Reed Stevens, Dan Schwartz, Nancy Vye, Byron Reeves, Jeremy Roschelle and Nora Sabelli -- Constructionism / Yasmin B. Kafai -- Cognitive apprenticeship / Allan Collins -- Cognitive tutors : Technology bringing learning sciences to the classroom / Kenneth R. Koedinger and Albert Corbett -- Learning in activity / James G. Greeno -- Knowledge building : Theory, pedagogy, and technology / Marlene Scardamalia and Carl Bereiter -- Methodologies. Learner-centered design : Reflections on the past and directions for the future / Chris Quintana, Namsoo Shin, Cathleen Norris, and Elliot Soloway -- The evolution of design studies as methodology / Jere Confrey -- Design-based research : A methodological toolkit for the learning scientist / Sasha Barab -- Guiding inquiry-based math learning / Paul Cobb and
Kay McClain -- Analyzing collaborative discourse / R. Keith Sawyer -- Assessing for deep understanding / Sharon M. Carver -- The nature of knowledge. Case-based reasoning / Janet L. Kolodner -- The knowledge integration perspective on learning and instruction / Marcia C. Linn -- A history of conceptual change research : Threads and fault lines / Andrea A. diSessa -- Spatial representations and imagery in learning / Daniel
L. Schwartz and Julie Heiser -- Literacy and the learning sciences / Annemarie Palincsar and Barbara G. Ladewski -- Making knowledge visible. Project-based learning / Joseph S. Krajcik and Phyllis Blumenfeld --Making authentic practices accessible to learners : Design challenges and strategies / Daniel C. Edelson and Brian J. Reiser -- BioKIDS : an animated conversation on the development of curricular activity structures for inquiry science / Nancy Butler Songer.
Cultivating model-based reasoning in science education / Richard Lehrer, Leona Schauble -- Exploring mathematics through construction and collaboration / Richard Noss, Celia Hoyles -- Learning together. Computer-supported collaborative learning / Gerry Stahl, Timothy Koschmann, Daniel D. Suthers -- WILD for learning : interacting through new computing devices anytime, anywhere / Roy D. Pea, Heidy Maldonado -- Arguing to learn / Jerry Andriessen -- Learning in online communities / Amy Bruckman -- Learning environments. Motivation and cognitive engagement in learning environments / Phyllis C. Blumenfeld, Toni M. Kempler, Joseph S. Krajcik -- Learning as a cultural process : achieving equity through diversity / Na'ilah Suad Nasir, Ann S. Rosebery, Beth Warren, Carol D. Lee -- Prospects for transforming schools with technology - supported assessment / Barbara Means -- Internet use in schools : promise and problems / Janet Ward Schofield -- Teacher learning research and the learning sciences / Barry J. Fishman, Elizabeth A. Davis -- Scaling up : evolving innovations beyond ideal settings to challenging contexts of practice / Chris Dede -- Conclusion : the schools of the future / R. Keith Sawyer -- Afterword : after how comes what / Seymour Papert -- Epilogue : the fundamental issue in the learning sciences / Roger C. Schank.
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