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Título Biotechnology: a laboratory course / Jeffrey M. Becker, Guy A. Caldwell, Eve Ann Zachgo. - 2nd edLibros / Disco comp. - Libros
Autor(es) Becker, Jeffrey M. (Autor)
Caldwell, Guy A. (Autor)
Zachgo, Eve Ann (Autor)
Publicación San Diego, California : Academic Press, ©1996
Descripción Física 1 online resource (xx, 261 pages) : illustrations
Idioma Inglés;
ISBN 9780120845620
9780080528199 (electronic bk.)
Clasificación(es) TP248.2.B374 1996eb
1996 D-957
TP 248.24B395b 1996
Materia(s) Biotechnology - Laboratory manuals; Biotechnology - Laboratory Manuals; Biotechnologie - Manuels de laboratoire; SCIENCE - Biotechnology; Biotechnology; ;
Nota(s) The objectives of this Second Edition of Biotechnology: A Laboratory Course remain unchanged: to create a text that consists of a series of laboratory exercises that integrate molecular biology with protein biochemistry techniques while providing a continuum of experiments. The course begins with basic techniques and culminates in the utilization of previously acquired technical experience and experimental material. Two organisms, Sacchaomyces cerevisiae and Escherichia coli, a single plasmid, and a single enzyme are the experimental material, yet the procedures and principles demonstrated are widely applicable to other systems. This text will serve as an excellent aid in the establishment or instruction of introductory courses in the biological sciences. Key Features of this new edition: * All exercises and appendixes have been updated * Includes new exercises on * Polymerase chain reaction * Beta-Galactosidase detection in yeast colonies * Western blotting * New procedures introduced for * Large-scale plasmid isolation * Yeast transformation * DNA quantitation * New appendixes added, one of which provides details on accessing biological information sites on the Internet (World Wide Web) * Use of non-radioactive materials and easy access to microbial cultures * Laboratory exercises student tested for seven years
Suggested Schedule for Laboratory Exercises. -- Introductory Notes. -- Record Keeping and Safety Rules. -- Format of Student Laboratory Records. -- The Ten Commandments of Record Keeping. -- Safety Rules in the Laboratory. -- Exercise 1: Aseptic Culture and Establishing Pure Cultures. -- Exercise 2: Preparation of Culture Media. -- Exercise 3: The Growth Curve. -- Exercise 4: Isolation of Plasmid DNA from Escherichia coli: The Mini-Prep. -- Exercise 5: Purification, Concentration, and Quantitation of DNA. -- Exercise 6: Large-Scale Isolation of Plasmid DNA by Column Chromatography. -- Exercise 7: Amplification of a lacZ. -- Gene Fragment by the Polymerase Chain Reaction. -- Exercise 8: Restriction Digestion and Agarose Gel Electrophoresis. -- Exercise 9: Southern Transfer. -- Exercise 10: Preparation, Purification, and Hybridization of Probe. -- Exercise 11: Transformation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. -- Exercise 12: Isolation of Plasmid from Yeast and Escherichia coli Transformation. -- Exercise 13: Protein Assays. -- Exercise 14: Qualitative Assay for Galactosidase in Yeast Colonies. -- Exercise 15: Determination of Galactosidase in Permeabilized Yeast Cells. -- Exercise 16: Assay of Galactosidase in Cell Extracts. -- Exercise 17: Galactosidase Purification. -- Exercise 18: Western Blot: Probe of Protein Blot with Antibody to Galactosidase. -- Appendix 1: Alternate Protocols and Experiments: -- Exercise 1A: Isolation and Characterization of Auxotrophic Yeast Mutants. -- Exercise 2A: Measurement of pH. -- Exercise 3A: Use of the Spectrophotometer. -- Exercise 6A: Isolation of Plasmid DNA: The Maxi-Prep. -- Exercise 10A: Colony Hybridization. -- Appendix 2: Buffer Solutions. -- Appendix 3: Preparation of Buffers and Solutions. -- Appendix 4: Properties of Some Common Concentrated Acids and Bases. -- Appendix 5: Use of Micropipettors. -- Appendix 6: Safe Handling of Microorganisms. Appendix 7: List of Cultures. -- Appendix 8: Storage of Cultures and DNA. -- Appendix
Includes bibliographical references and index
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