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Título Algal toxins in seafood and drinking water / edited by Ian R. FalconerLibros / Disco comp. - Libros
Autor(es) Falconer, Ian R (Autor)
Publicación London : Academic Press, ©1993 ; San Diego, California
Descripción Física 1 online resource (viii, 224 pages) : illustrations
Idioma Inglés;
ISBN 9780080918112 (electronic bk.)

Clasificación(es) RA1242.A36A54 1993
1993 A-345
QW 630A394 1993
Materia(s) Toxic algae - Toxicology; Marine Toxinsanalysis; Marine Toxinspoisoning; Cyanobacteriapathogenicity; Fishes; Shellfish Poisoning.; Water Microbiology.; MEDICAL - Toxicology; Algues; Toxines flore et faune marines; Toxic algae - Toxicology; Toxiciteit.; Wieren.; Voeding.; Drinkwater.; Algues marines - Toxicologie; Poissons venimeux - Toxicologie; Cyanobactéries - Toxicologie; Rhodophycophytes - Toxicologie; Chlorophycophytes - Toxicologie; ;
Nota(s) Red tides in the sea and bright green lakes and rivers are becoming features of our degraded world environment. These events, caused by algae and the toxins they produce, are often associated with poisoning of people or livestock resulting in injury to health and economic loss. This volume provides definitive information on the identification of toxic marine and freshwater algae, the routine analysis and effects of algal toxins, their veterinary and public health impact, and on control measures in current use. Professionals in the food and water industry, and those working in public health and environmental ecology will find this book extremely useful
Includes bibliographical references and index
Some taxonomic and biologic aspects of toxic dinoflagellates / Karen A. Steidinger -- Methods of analysis for algal toxins: dinoflagellate and diatom toxins / John J. Sullivan -- Mode of action of toxins of seafood poisoning / Daniel G. Baden, Vera L. Trainer -- Paralytic shellfish poisoning / C.Y. Kao -- Diarrhetic shellfish poisoning / Tore Aune, Magne Yndestad -- Ciguatera fish poisoning / Raymond Bagnis -- Control measures in shellfish and finfish industries in the USA / James Hungerford, Marleen Wekell -- Seafood toxins of algal origin and their control in Canada / A.D. Cembella, E. Todd -- Taxonomy of toxic cyanophyceae (Cyanobacteria) / Olav M. Skulberg [and others] -- Measurement of toxins from blue-green algae in water and foodstuffs / Ian R. Falconer -- Mechanism of toxicity of cyclic peptide toxins from blue-green algae / Ian R. Falconer -- Diseases related to freshwater blue-green algal toxins and control measures / Wayne W. Carmichael, Ian R. Falconer
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