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Título Graphics gems II / edited by James ArvoLibros / Disco comp. - Libros
Autor(es) Arvo, James, 1956- (Autor)
Publicación Boston, Massachusetts : Academic Press, c1991
Descripción Física 1 online resource (xxxii, 643 p.) : ill. (some col.).
Idioma Inglés;
Series The Graphics gems series
ISBN 9780080507545 (electronic bk)

Clasificación(es) T385.G6972 1991
Materia(s) Computer graphics; C (Computer program language); langage C; surface; courbe; matrice; radiosité; lancer rayon; géométrie 3D; FRAME; algorithme; géométrie; traitement image; infographie; Computação gráfica; Infographie; C (langage de programmation); C (Computer program language); Computer graphics; COMPUTERS / General; ;
Nota(s) Graphics Gems II is a collection of articles shared by a diverse group of people that reflect ideas and approaches in graphics programming which can benefit other computer graphics programmers.This volume presents techniques for doing well-known graphics operations faster or easier. The book contains chapters devoted to topics on two-dimensional and three-dimensional geometry and algorithms, image processing, frame buffer techniques, and ray tracing techniques. The radiosity approach, matrix techniques, and numerical and programming techniques are likewise discussed.Graphics artists and comput
Continues: Graphics gems
Includes bibliographical references (p. 621-633) and index
Front Cover; Graphics Gems II; Copyright Page; Table of Contents; Foreword; Preface; Mathematical Notation; Pseudo-Code; Contributors; CHAPTER I. 2D GEOMETRY AND ALGORITHMS; Introduction; 1. The Area of a Simple Polygon; 2. Intersection of Line Segments ; 3. Distance from a Point to a Line; 4. An Easy Bounding Circle; 5. The Smallest Circle Containing the Intersection of Two Circles; 6. Appolonius's 10th Problem; 7. A Peano Curve Generation Algorithm ; 8. Space-Filling Curves and a Measure of Coherence ; 9. Scanline Coherent Shape Algebra ; CHAPTER II. IMAGE PROCESSING; Introduction
1. Image Smoothing and Sharpening by Discrete Convolution2. A Comparison of Digital Halftoning Techniques ; 3. Color Dithering ; 4. Fast Anamorphic Image Scaling; 5. Real Pixels; 6. A Fast 90-Degree Bitmap Rotator ; 7. Rotation of Run-Length Encoded Image Data ; 8. Adaptive Run-Length Encoding; 9. Image File Compression Made Easy; 10. An Optimal Filter for Image Reconstruction; 11. Noise Thresholding in Edge Images; 12. Computing the Area, the Circumference, and the Genus of a Binary Digital Image ; CHAPTER III. FRAME BUFFER TECHNIQUES; Introduction
1. Efficient Inverse Color Map Computation 2. Efficient Statistical Computations for Optimal Color Quantization; 3. A Random Color Map Animation Algorithm; 4. A Fast Approach to PHIGS PLUS Pseudo Color Mapping; 5. Mapping RGB Triples onto 16 Distinct Values; 6. Television Color Encoding and ""Hot"" Broadcast Colors; 7. An Inexpensive Method of Setting the Monitor White Point; 8. Some Tips for Making Color Hardcopy; CHAPTER IV. 3D GEOMETRY AND ALGORITHMS; Introduction; 1. Area of Planar Polygons and Volume of Polyhedra; 2. Getting Around on a Sphere
3. Exact Dihedral Metrics for Common Polyhedra4. A Simple Viewing Geometry; 5. View Correlation ; 6. Maintaining Winged-Edge Models; 7. Quadtree/Octree-to-Boundary Conversion; 8. Three-Dimensional Homogeneous Clipping of Triangle Strips; 9. InterPhong Shading ; CHAPTER V. RAY TRACING; Introduction; 1. Fast Ray-Convex Polyhedron Intersection ; 2. Intersecting a Ray with an Elliptical Torus ; 3. Ray-Triangle Intersection Using Binary Recursive Subdivision; 4. Improved Ray Tagging for Voxel-Based Ray Tracing; 5. Efficiency Improvements for Hierarchy Traversal in Ray Tracing
6. A Recursive Shadow Voxel Cache for Ray Tracing 7. Avoiding Incorrect Shadow Intersections for Ray Tracing; 8. A Body Color Model: Absorption of Light through Translucent Media; 9. More Shadow Attenuation for Ray Tracing Transparent or Translucent Objects; CHAPTER VI. RADIOSITY; Introduction; 1. Implementing Progressive Radiosity with User- Provided Polygon Display Routines ; 2. A Cubic Tetrahedral Adaptation of the Hemi-Cube Algorithm; 3. Fast Vertex Radiosity Update ; 4. Radiosity via Ray Tracing; 5. Detection of Shadow Boundaries for Adaptive Meshing in Radiosity
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