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Título Microsoft Excel 2016

: data analysis and business modeling
/ Wayne L. Winston.
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Autor(es) Winston, Wayne L. (Autor)
Publicación Redmond, Washington : Microsoft Press, 2016
Descripción Física xxvi, 837 páginas : ilustraciones ; 23 cm
Idioma Inglés;
ISBN 9781509304219
Clasificación(es) 658.4033
Departamento de Ingeniería Industrial
Materia(s) Microsoft Excel (Programa para computador); Administracion industrial - Métodos estadísticos - Programas para computador; Toma de decisiones - Programas para computador; Análisis de datos; Investigación de operaciones;
Nota(s) Incluye índice.
CONTENIDO: Basic Spreadsheet Modeling -- Range Names -- Lookup Functions -- The INDEX Function -- The MATCH Function -- Text Functions -- Dates and Date Functions -- Evaluating Investments by Using Net Present Value Criteria -- Internal Rate of Return -- More Excel Financial Functions -- Circular References -- IF Statements -- Time and Time Functions -- The Paste Special Command -- Three.Dimensional Formulas and Hyperlinks -- The Auditing Tool -- Sensitivity Analysis with Data Tables -- The Goal Seek Command -- Using the Scenario Manager for Sensitivity Analysis -- The COUNTIF, COUNTIFS, COUNT, COUNTA, and COUNTBLANK Functions -- The SUMIF AVERAGEIF, SUMIFS, and AVERAGEIFS Functions -- The OFFSET Function -- The INDIRECT Function -- Conditional Formatting -- Sorting in Excel -- Tables -- Spin Buttons, Scroll Bars, Option Buttons, Check Boxes, Combo Boxes, and Group List Boxes -- The Analytics Revolution -- An Introduction to Optimization with the Excel Solver -- Using Solver to Determine the Optimal Product Mix -- Using Solver to Schedule Your Workforce -- Using Solver to Solve Transportation or Distribution Problems -- Using Solver for Capital Budgeting -- Using Solver for Financial Planning -- Using Solver to Rate Sports Teams -- Warehouse Location and the GRG Multistart and Evolutionary Solver Engines -- Penalties and the Evolutionary Solver -- The Traveling Salesperson Problem -- Importing Data from a Text File or Document -- Validating Data -- Summarizing Data by Using Histograms and Pareto Charts -- Summarizing Data by Using Descriptive Statistics -- Using PivotTables and Slicers to Describe Data -- The Data Model -- Power Pivot -- Power View and 3D Maps -- Sparklines -- Summarizing Data with Database Statistical Functions -- Filtering Data and Removing Duplicates -- Consolidating Data -- Creating Subtotals -- Charting Tricks -- Estimating Straight Line Relationships -- Modeling Exponential Growth -- The Power Curve.

Using Correlations to Summarize Relationships -- Introduction to Multiple Regression -- Incorporating Qualitative Factors into Multiple Regression -- Modeling Nonlinearities and Interactions -- Analysis of Variance: One-Way ANOVA -- Randomized Blocks and Two-Way ANOVA -- Using Moving Averages to Understand Time Series -- Winters Method -- Ratio-to-Moving-Average Forecast Method -- Forecasting in the Presence of Special Events -- An Introduction to Probability -- An Introduction to Random Variables -- The Binomial, Hypergeometric, and Negative Binomial Random Variables -- The Poisson and Exponential Random Variable -- The Normal Random Variable and Z-scores -- Weibull and Beta Distributions: Modeling Machine Life and Duration of a Project -- Making Probability Statements from Forecasts -- Using the Lognormal Random Variable to Model Stock Prices -- Introduction to Monte Carlo Simulation -- Calculating an Optimal Bid -- Simulating Stock Prices and Asset Allocation Modeling -- Fun and Games: Simulating Gambling and Sporting Event Probabilities -- Using Resampling to Analyze Data -- Pricing Stock Options -- Determining Customer Value -- The Economic Order Quantity Inventory Model -- Inventory Modeling with Uncertain Demand -- Queuing Theory: The Mathematics of Waiting in Line -- Estimating a Demand Curve -- Pricing Products by Using Tie-Ins -- Pricing Products by Using Subjectively Determined Demand -- Nonlinear Pricing -- Array Formulas and Functions -- Recording Macros.
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