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Título Applications of molecular microbiological methods / edited by Torben Lund Skovhus, Sean M. Caffrey, Casey R.J. Hubert.Libros / En línea - Libros
Autor(es) Skovhus, Torben Lund (Editor)
Caffrey, Sean M. (Editor)
Hubert, Casey R. J. (Editor)
Publicación Norfolk, UK : Caister Academic Press, 2014
Descripción Física 1 recurso en línea (xii, 221 páginas : ilustraciones)
Idioma Inglés;
ISBN 9781908230690
Clasificación(es) 579
Departamento de Ciencias Biológicas
Materia(s) Microbiología molecular; Libros electrónicos;
Nota(s) Incluye referencias bibliográficas e índice.
CONTENIDO: Industrial microbiology. Molecular methods in microbiologically influenced corrosion research, monitoring and control -- Using the power of molecular microbiological methods in oilfield corrosion management to diagnose microbiologically influenced corrosion -- Next-generation sequencing approach to understand pipeline biocorrosion -- Molecular microbiological methods applied on ship ballast tank samples -- Molecular characterization of microbial communities associated with accelerated low-water corrosión (ALWC) on European harbour structures -- Application of the qPCR technique for SRB quantification in samples from the oil and gas industries -- Molecular microbiological methods applied to microbial methane production in oil reservoirs, coal beds, and shale -- Medical microbiology. Characterization of bacterial communities in suspected prosthetic joint infections -- Using the core and supra genomes to determine diversity and natural proclivities among bacterial strains -- Environmental microbiology. Quantitative PCR and reverse transcription quantitative PCR applied to methane-cycling archaea in the marine sediments of the white oak river estuary -- The metabolic function of uncultured microorganisms assessed through single-cell genomic techniques -- Assessing microbial activity and degradation pathways in the environment by measuring naturally occurring stable isotopes in organic compounds -- Applied molecular microbiological methods. Metagenomic analysis of microbial communities and beyond -- Stable isotope probing in environmental microbiology studies -- Fluorescence in sitgu hybridization (Fish) for the identification and quantification of microorganisms -- Quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) methods for abundance and activity measures -- Investigation of microorganisms at the single-cell level using raman microspectroscopy and high-resolution secondary ion mass spectrometry.
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