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Título Jazzin' the blues: a complete guide to learning jazz-blues guitar / by John Ganapes and David RoosPartitura / Impreso - Partitura
Autor(es) Ganapes, John (Autor)
Roos, David (Autor)
Publicación Milwaukee, Wisconsin : Hal Leonard, 2005
Descripción Física 101 páginas de música ; 31 cm
Idioma Inglés;
ISBN 9780634027369
Clasificación(es) 787.87193
Departamento de Artes y Humanidades
Materia(s) Guitarra - Métodos (Jazz); Guitarra - Métodos (Blues); Música de jazz - Instrucción y estudio; Blues (Música) - Estudio y enseñanza; Improvisación (Música); Música - Instrumentos musicales - Guitarra; Música de jazz - Enseñanza; Notación musical; Partituras para instrumentos de cuerda;
Nota(s) Audio Access included.
CONTENIDO: Introduction -- Tuning -- Basic theory review. Intervals; keys and scales; modes; chord construction; harmonizing scales; chord extensions; chromatic harmony; chord-scales -- Lesson 1. Seventh chord structures; chord-scales; sixth-string posting; making lines from chord shapes -- Lesson 2. More seventh chord structures; fifth-string posting; making melodies from chord-scale shapes -- Lesson 3. Another seventh chord structure; close voicings; the VI chord; the ii-V-I progression; using smaller chord shapes in lines -- Lesson 4. Building extended dominant chords; the relative minor substitute; changing chord quality; passing chords; chord hits -- Lesson 5. Extending the ii-V-I progression; inverting lines; minor seventh arpeggios -- Lesson 6. Secondary dominant chords; the V of V chord: the secondary ii-V; thirteenth chord arpeggios; extensions of chord-scales -- Lesson 7. Seventh chord types; extensions and alterations; approach tones; enclosure; thematic development -- Lesson 8. Flat-five substitute; the bebop lick -- Lesson 9. Harmonic rhythm; the I-VI-ii-V turnaround; the final chord; anticipation -- Lesson 10. Using scale hamonies: the walkup; harmonic consistency; chord melody; common tones -- Lesson 11. Minor blues harmony; a descending line; chord-scale choices; the diminished seventh arpeggio -- Lesson 12. Sideslipping; harmonic gravity; soloing over sideslips; popcorn licks -- Lesson 13. Relative major chord substitution; diminished chord resolutions; a minor turnaround; an altered chord-scale; octave playing; octave fingerings; more chord melody -- Lesson 14. The minor iv chord; harmonic sequencing; backcycling -- Lesson 15. Major blues harmony; major to minor shift; sixths and sevenths; more anticipation.
Resumen (Guitar Educational). Take your playing to the next level with this comprehensive jazz-blues guitar instructional book with online audio. With 15 hands-on lessons you will be immersed in the realm of jazz blues, learning to both improvise and comp with full-band play-along tracks and step-by-step instruction. The well-planned lesson style and organized design of this thorough source will have you jazzin' the blues in no time! The audio is accessed online using the unique code inside each book and can be streamed or downloaded. The audio files include.
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