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Título Minefield [juego]Artefactos Tridimensionales y Realia
Autor(es) RSVP Design (Autor Corporativo)
Publicación Paisley, UK : RSVP Design, 2015
Descripción Física 1 maleta : lona negra ; 65X49 cm. + 1 tablero magnético + 64 fichas magnéticas de colores + 1 guía para el profesor (19 páginas : ilustraciones ; 30 cm.) + 13 hojas laminadas.
Idioma Inglés;
Clasificación(es) 658.40353
Departamento de Gestión Organizacional
Materia(s) Habilidades gerenciales; Pensamiento creativo; Resolución de problemas; Innovación; Aprendizaje experiencial; Trabajo en equipo; Liderazgo; Negociación en los negocios; Administración del conocimiento; Comportamiento organizacional; Toma de decisiones; Juegos administrativos;
Nota(s) CONTENIDO: 1 maleta de lona negra con el juego: 1 tablero magnético ; 60+4 fichas magnéticas con letras A,B,C,D (rojo A, verde B, azul C, naranja D) ; 1 guía para el profesor (19 páginas)(Facilitator notes) ; 13 hojas laminadas (30 x 21 cm) (4x Team briefs ; 4x Team plans ; 4x Team review sheets ; 1 Scoresheet ).
Resumen Minefield explores the organisational and commercial benefits of information sharing in competitive marketplaces. It examines the need for openness and trust if information sharing is to succeed and can be used to stimulate dialogue around opportunities for information sharing within project teams, divisions or departments and business networks.
In a commercial environment business knowledge is the basis upon which critical decisions are made. Businesses always try to access the best business knowledge available to them, although the cost of accessing this knowledge may be high. Organisations certainly do not want to waste money on information that already exists within the business, or on solutions that could be achieved without additional investment.
This exercise explores issues around the acquisition of Business Knowledge and the costs of poor Knowledge Management. It also explores interteam relationships, including the need to build trust in the integrity and competence of others in order to feel confident in sharing information and the willingness of individuals to `give away¿ something they have invested in. Minefield also explores the different attitudes of individuals and teams to risk.
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130632Biblioteca Universidad Icesi2658.40353/R893m/MaletaEn Préstamo (04-Aug-2022)Reserva