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Título Metamorfosis como medio experiencial que permita aprehender la importancia de las mariposas en el ecosistema colombiano.Trabajo de Grado / En línea - Trabajo de Grado
Autor(es) Duarte Astaiza, Andrea Carolina (Autor)
Riascos Montoya, Isabella (Autor)
Martínez, Edgar (Asesor Tesis/Trabajos de Grado)
Publicación Cali : Universidad Icesi, 2019
Descripción Física 17 páginas
Idioma Español;
Clasificación(es) DISEÑO INDUSTRIAL
Departamento de Ingeniería Industrial
Departamento de Diseño
Materia(s) Metamorphosis; Mariposas; Orugas; Ecosistemas - Colombia; Diseño; Experiencia; Medio ambiente; Plantas hospederas; Ciclo de vida (Biologia); Herramientas de diseño; Páginas Web - Diseño; Trabajos de grado;
Nota(s) Trabajo de grado (Ingeniería Industrial). Universidad Icesi, 2019.
Trabajo de grado (Diseño Industrial). Universidad Icesi, 2019
Artículo de proyecto de grado del Departamento de Diseño
Resumen Purpose Butterflies are very important insects in the ecosystems and the play an important role in pollinating flowers but the majority of people doesn't know or has holes of information about them. That's why the purpose of this investigation is to solve how to create awareness and grow knowledge about metamorphosis and the life cycle of butterflies through a new design experience that allows the user to be protagonist while learns and takes care of two living beings such as caterpillars and plants? All this ensuring the well being of the living beings and bringing the user closer to nature. Design/methodology/approach - The methodology that was used to carry out the project, was based on the descriptive and exploratory research of the process of metamorphosis of the butterflies and the characteristics of the host plants. Also, the best forms of interaction and interpretation in users were explored. Besides methods such as journaling, walk in a mile inmersion and behavioral mapping were really helpful to understand the life cycle and the care and attention each stage needs. Findings The process of metamorphosis is a really delicate and complex one, in which the caterpillar only eats from its host plant till it has had enough and is ready to transform into a chrysalis, and after 8 to 10 days the butterfly will emerge, dry their wings and fly to feed from flowers. The solution has to ensure the wellbeing of both species, and has to reduce the direct contact with the caterpillar, chrysalis and butterfly to the minimum to control and avoid accidents. On the other hand, this process is natural so there is no way to control the times of the transformation or birth.
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