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Título Sistema para mejorar la experiencia de almorzar fuera del trabajo en personas con poco tiempoTrabajo de Grado / En línea - Trabajo de Grado
Autor(es) Londoño Londoño, Ilian (Autor)
Rios Villa, Jhonatan Stiven (Autor)
Gaviria , Sebastián (Asesor Tesis/Trabajos de Grado)
Publicación Cali : Universidad Icesi, 2019
Descripción Física 29 páginas
Idioma Español;
Departamento de Diseño
Materia(s) Percepción; Restaurantes; Percepción del tiempo; Aglomeraciones humanas; Trabajadores; Consumo de alimentos; Optimización; Páginas Web - Diseño; Consumidores; Experiencia de usuario; Almuerzos; Alimentos; Comida a domicilio; Trabajos de grado;
Nota(s) Trabajo de grado (Diseño de Medios Interactivos). Universidad Icesi, 2019.
Artículo de proyecto de grado del Departamento de Diseño
Resumen The low availability of time at home, the increase in labor demands and new trends in consumption have made people prefer to eat outside the home (Singer, Donoso, & Scheller-Wolf, 2008). This has led to a great expansion of restaurants in recent years. This work focuses on investigating fundamental factors for the experience of consumers of food stalls and places located in the center of the city of Cali. This results in a large number of people looking for prepared food, which leads to the creation of several stores. Design/methodology/approach - Since the study seeks to know the areas that are affected when using shifts in restaurants, non-experimental research is used. According to (Sampieri et al. 2014, p.152), non-experimental research ¿could be defined as research that is carried out without deliberately manipulating variables. That is, these are studies in which we do not intentionally vary independent variables to see their effect on other variables. These same authors define cross-sectional research designs in ¿Its purpose is to describe variables and analyze their incidence and interrelation at a given time¿ (2014, p.154). Therefore, since it is sought to test the different hypothesis mentioned above, the research focus will be mixed, because it allows a fusion between the two types of approaches (Quantitative Approach and Qualitative Approach).
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TG02798Biblioteca Universidad Icesi3 DisponibleTrabajo Grado